Pinned post I am a long-time anarchist formerly active in Tucson, AZ and DC; working on becoming active again in London, ON ().

I worked with FNB in Tucson once before I left and did lots of organizing around sweatshops / Anmesty / prison abolition and anti-war.

DC work was mostly HacDC and tech mutual aid and a few IWW meetings.

In I've hosted (pre-covid) monthly fix-it cafe / repair mutual aid. I've reached out to FNB and am currently looking to do more.

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Does anybody have any favourite talks/videos about #gdb? I feel like I could be a lot better at using it.

wild that some leftists will defend being only on corporate platforms because that's where the people are, ignoring the fact that you now have to have an acct to see things on fb, insta, twttr, etc

Damn, missed it :flan_sad:​

Oh well, go pledge support to the thing. It might make @mwlucas happy. Or drive him nuts. I can't even tell anymore, what a ride...

rent is 40% of the increase in the consumer price index. which is interesting because EXISTING BUILDINGS DIDNT HAVE SUPPLY SIDE COST INCREASES OF 40%

sure it sucks that we have to use computers for everything but you have to appreciate the commitment to the bit

One of the dopest most uncompromising artists ever has lost his home and all his belongings to a fire. Ant Loc and his fam need our help to get back on their feet. Please send money and good vibes their way.

@theruran why would a psyop be necessary? Countries are violent and authoritarian by default. Service economies need to maintain the illusion of democracy for the working class, but most don't even need that. Why would anyone believe any country is just benevolent and not extremely violent without evidence?

Plan9 may just be coming to the MNT Reform thanks to work by cinap_lenrek

#plan9 #9front #mntreform

nurses can be deeply shitty people and all, we've seen the tiktoks, but i feel like we don't think enough about how increasing nursing staffing ratios just improves every friggin' outcome in a hospital. pretty wild that you just pour more of exactly one thing on a complicated situation and the situation gets better

Seems like most of is down this AM? I wonder what happened...

Shitpost about anarchy and autism, stolen from Reddit

It's time to
π‘Šπ»π‘‚ 𝐻𝐴𝑆 𝑇𝐻𝐸𝐼𝑅

On Jews, Looting, and Whiteness by @MordecaiMartin came up today in casual discussion with some friends who'd felt uncomfortable about their ashkenazi jewish friend making weird comparisons between jewishness and blackness in the united states and continues to be an enlightening favorite

I think it is a very good read as our minds steep in the lessons we learned that summer during the George Floyd protests

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