Pinned post I am a long-time anarchist formerly active in Tucson, AZ and DC; working on becoming active again in London, ON ().

I worked with FNB in Tucson once before I left and did lots of organizing around sweatshops / Anmesty / prison abolition and anti-war.

DC work was mostly HacDC and tech mutual aid and a few IWW meetings.

In I've hosted (pre-covid) monthly fix-it cafe / repair mutual aid. I've reached out to FNB and am currently looking to do more.

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It's time to
π‘Šπ»π‘‚ 𝐻𝐴𝑆 𝑇𝐻𝐸𝐼𝑅

On Jews, Looting, and Whiteness by @MordecaiMartin came up today in casual discussion with some friends who'd felt uncomfortable about their ashkenazi jewish friend making weird comparisons between jewishness and blackness in the united states and continues to be an enlightening favorite

I think it is a very good read as our minds steep in the lessons we learned that summer during the George Floyd protests

Militarizing the police is the climate plan

Militarizing the police is the housing crisis plan

Militarizing the police is the food shortage plan

Militarizing the police is the abortion plan

it all hinges on shuffling a deck of ghoulish leaders and antisocial institutions until all of the cards are somehow placed in the perfect order...and only THEN can we do something about a dying planet and global fascism? fuck out of here! but somehow this framed as the only mature and reasonable position to have

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reformism is leaving the odds of favorable changes to happenstance and vibes, all to just displace harm for the sake of aesthetics and to claim that "at least SOMETHING was done", ignoring and dismissing the reality that it'll never be enough at the pace and scale that the few changes happen

anarchists are great because when any normie finds out i'm vegan they basically interrogate me about it whereas tell any anarchist that and they'll say "that's awesome, help me throw these rocks at those cops"

idea: friends list
a note in your zettle wiki whatever that is just the list of people you care about as links to their individual pages, sorted by last contact.

regularly visit the bottom of the list to move the names to the top.

a while ago i heard "hippies are mean people pretending to be nice, and punks are nice people pretending to be mean" & i've been thinking about that ever since

Pro tip:

if you sign up for a account, and you are anti-mask and/or anti-trans?

1) you're gonna get declined

2) you can get fucked, dipshit

If youre thirty and your network isnt talking about:
-living on boats

And is instead talking about:
-paper with dead guys on it
-brand identity
You need to elevate your circle. Your network is your net worth

im trying to eat and you're trying to emulate settler colonial pastoral landscape aesthetics. we are not the same.

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accessible sex toy! 

found on tumblr but.. what a big deal! making sex toys accessible for ppl with hand limitations and other disabilities

#sextoy #accessibility

β€œBootstrapping a simple compiler from nothing”:

A 2002 essay and code by Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS, which was apparently an inspiration for stage0 (I don’t remember seeing it before).


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