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hello friends, i wanted to share that i am starting a monthly print club in the new year to share my art and love for printmaking! i am so excited to explore and share my work in this way and hope you’ll join me! here are a couple of letterpress prints i’ve made recently (the first one, “meditations on growth,” will be the print i’m sending out in january!). i’ve launched a patreon at which has more info (or feel free to reach out on here)!! all the luv 💓

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hi friends, i'm new and still figuring this out. i'm a student, artist, leftist (anti-capitalist and antifascist, budding anarchist), working class, neurodivergent queer, southern, and a guinea pig mom <3

really into: letterpress, the goldfinch by donna tartt, prison abolition, community care, local history and politics, class identity, labor organizing, art, etc.

on twitter i'm @mcgdmn, on instagram i'm

they/them or she/her pronouns

if you have any resources or suggestions related to the topic of Black disability politics throw it my way!!!! for my research paper :) thx

imagine going back in time and telling you from one year ago today that you just googled the term “krispy kreme vaccine donut”

okay i need help deciding: what should i do my research paper on in my african american history class (either one would obv be in the context of african american history specifically)

anyways i have to commit to a topic for my african american history final research paper this week and i have TOO MANY IDEAS ahahhhhhh fucxj

joke about abortion / aborted fetus 

okay heres my controversial uninformed opinion : why would it be bad if it was true that they use aborted fetus parts in vaccines like conservatives say? shouldnt we use all the parts if we can instead of throwing them away. keep in mind i know nothing about science

complaining about my period 

the second day of my period is almost always on a thursday which is also always my busiest, longest day of the week and thats all the proof i need that god is not and never was real

one day i’m gonna find a therapist i can be honest with and then it’ll be over for you bitches

doing the first part of our candle molds today in class and then wednesday doing the mother molds! i am so excited !!!!!!!

how is everyone? i’m miserable , and lonely, as usual :)

sometimes in a studio art class i get a prompt for a project and i’m like thank you i have zero original artistic ideas and you just threw me a lifeboat. and then sometimes i’m just like. fuck you i don’t fuckin want to do that shit you bitch

im so tired of performing myself online but i do it subconsciously soooo

you know what they say, life is like a juul pod: the closer to the end you get, the faster it goes

i gotta b real i dont know whats goin on but can i be old bay


ive been “””talking to””” as the kids say a very cute and very kind boy i matched with on tinder and like <3 tryyinh not to immediately get attached just bc hes nice but i just...... <3

disgraced founder of theranos elizabeth holmes is my # girlboss

okay unrelated poll: in your opinion, are there certain people that ANYONE can fall in love with (this is way out there i just want to know what other people think)

today i offer you: another poll. which is worse, cop or politician?

fellas, is insider trading a noble crime or a cowardly one?

this is what i want motherfucker make it happen for me

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