Facebook incites genocide (, provides a white supremacist pipeline (, surveils liberation movements for the state ( and builds disinformation silos that target your racist aunt with shitty minion memes. Go volzucc.

5- or 10-packs of high quality black and blue on white vinyl screenprinted stickers, priced to sell in quantity to vandals and anti-surveillance enthusiasts. Free shipping.

Available at:

Our sticker made "Sticker of the Day," so if you're on Instagram (🤢), comment on there for us and bump it. Link below the CW, because algorithmic social media is terrible (hence the sticker)

Thanks for leaving comments like: "search for Municipal Adhesives on etsy!" "Find Municipal Adhesives on Mastodon!" etc...

The illustration at the center of this sticker was originally created by Bryce Durbin for a TechCrunch article (linked below), but recreated and simplified by Municipal Adhesives.

Down to the literal last single sticker for this delete facebook design. Get you this one and others in bulk for covering your neighborhood:

Facebook stickers are SOLD OUT! In the last 8 months, we've sold 207 and given away 293

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