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Alright! Searchable hashtags! What can we say?

Some pretty useful hashtags all around are and

But maybe, for this event, we can propose

serait-il aussi utile?

& maybe also for anything that's just a little too online-brained 👀

Just got a text on Signal @mtlbookfairunofficial

I think this is a slight oversimplification/misrepresentation of what happened this morning, buuuuuuut lol. Anyway. Probs counts as breaking news?


*** *** ***

✊2515 Rue Delisle (e.g. Bookfair)at 12:30
🐷the SPVM has shut down pride on the false pretences of “lack of security”
✨If enough people show up, we can march to the starting point of the cancelled March!!
✊2515 Rue Delisle à 12:30
Le SPVM a annulé le défilé de la Pride sous prétexte de « manque de sécurité »
✨Si on se présente en assez grand nombre, on peut se rendre au point de départ de la marche annulée!!

Wishing I was in Montreal so I could play @subMedia anarchy bookfair bingo, the sheer joy of which would surely erase my awkwardness at my inability to parlement francais


Up for silent auction: the only surviving certified Seditious Materials(tm) tshirt size M. Put in bids all weekend. To top off our dire financial situation we just lost hundreds of dollars of merch to the Kkklanada border patrol so maybe help us out a little?

Bidding is OPEN for this 1 of 1 "seditious materials" Submedia shirt! The 1 that made it across the border.

Sorry to report that there has been one yelling match already, but it didnt count as it was OUTSIDE the bookfair (angry driver going off at some organizers trying to park and unload)

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bingo card ✅✅✅
⬛ anarchy baby
⬛ wingnut who won't wear a mask
⬛ white dreads
⬛ table flip
⬛ oogle dog fight
⬛ workshop tanks because of A/V issues
⬛ obvious undercover
⬛ some kind of petition
⬛ emtpy table because distro merch denied at border
⬛ coffee runs out
⬛ tankie shit
⬛ milke crate games
⬛ any indoor yellig match
⬛ "overwhelming"

What else?? 👇

Good morning! Everyone ready for the ? What workshop are you most excited about?

Catch us tomorrow night in Montreal with a sneak peak of our full length documentary The Social Empire as well as a selection of other subMedia films.

We're bummed to report that a bunch of the merch that we printed up for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is now sitting in a Canadian Border Services dumpster after being declared 'seditious material'. Sorry folks! Check out our table anyway.

fedizine is an anarchist introduction to federated social media. It's an actual paper zine! Being released at the 2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair... but coming soon to you?


We're excited to shit talk corporate social media, demystify the Fediverse, and help get anarchists off the former and onto the latter...

People reading this are already on the so you know what's up... But feel free to BOOST and help spread the word!

> Details on this weekends workshops are finally live!
> Are there any you are *really* excited about?
> Saturday:
> Sunday:

(crosspost from MTL Bookfair Official on 🐦site)

This deserves its own post @mtlbookfairunofficial

The Syndicat de locataires autonomes de Montréal / #Montreal Autonomous Tenants' Union is doing "Tenant Organizing 101: How to Build a Combative Union in Your Building" at 11am on the Sunday of the bookfair in the CÉDA building, room 123

Here's a link to other SLAM-MATU stuff!

Feel free to boost! :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok: Or to download the image and send it to friends on Signal

#nomorerent #nomorelandlords

💥 An after-bookfair event! 💥 Monday, from 6pm to 7:30pm @ le Frigo Vert, 1440 rue MacKay (nearest métro: Guy-Concordia)

# Antifascist Salon: Feminist & Anticolonial Resistance #

- Jack Z. Bratich, author of On Microfascism
- Allan S. Lumba, author of Monetary Authorities: Capitalism and Decolonization in the American Colonial Philippines, contributor to For Anti-Fascist Futures
- the South Asian Diaspora Action Collective, locals

Refreshments and lit by @kersplebedeb and Common Notions

@mtlbookfairunofficial can't believe I never realized that the french acronym for the bookfair is #SLAM

Alright! Searchable hashtags! What can we say?

Some pretty useful hashtags all around are and

But maybe, for this event, we can propose

serait-il aussi utile?

& maybe also for anything that's just a little too online-brained 👀

Hey @mtlbookfairunofficial what's the official unofficial fedi hashtag for this year's bookfair?

After another day in the shop, I've got piles and piles of zines and books.

Not the organized fridge pic I posted earlier, just wanted you all to trust I do chaos as well.

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