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politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

So comrades all these arguments i keep having w my capitalist friend basically devolves into arguments about human nature and how humans are just fundamentally greedy & flawed & drawn to violence and control and it’s so ridiculous because you can throw literally the entire history of the human race at them but they still don’t want to change their mind. Why is capitalist thinking so obsessed with holding the worse possible opinions about humankind ?

bi venting 

Normalize bisexuals not dating cishet men 😪😐

My alarm went off this morning, I woke up, and my first thought was that I'm feeling cautiously bisexual.

Also podcasts/audio books are so much easier for me to engage with than reading bc reading takes a lot more energy and. i don’t have the attention span usually either


i feel like i’m still very much a leftist in learning but i’ve been learning a lot about anarcom ideas and it’s very very good and healing to read

Cuddlebug child

Image description: Close up picture of my grey and white tabby Smudge curled into a ball, asleep. His tail is curled over his sleeping head.


my dependence on black coffee to function vs my poor eating habits & resultant gastritis fight

someone: cats dont care about anyone theyre mean and bad
my cat: cries when i close the bathroom door bc he cant see me

Im genderfluid, which means the fluid in my gender is leaking into the rest of my body and ruining my sense of the binary

Oh i just switched from using Mercury to using Tootle for mastodon and this is a lot easier to navigate, so in case y’all are looking for a good app ?

fathers mention 

I’m almost exclusively listening to ghazals/urdu music these days and while it’s amazing i keep getting reminded of my d*d because i grew up listening to it bc he played it all the time & that is...a not so good experience

i live in such a dog loving culture it’s weird but it also makes sense bc we love our conformity & status quo /bitter

I love this. Hoping for a future with better patient-centered care, in all the countries XD

And more gentleness for the doctors and residents as well ❤️

@mostardently i’m glad i was already left leaning/radicalized b4 joining med school but now i feel like being aware of how fucked up everything is is a little overwhelming (i’m done :p) thank you for letting me rant !

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cishet man bullshit, question- please reply if u can ? 

what is the name of this sort of argument tactic wherein cishet men expect u to disprove every single half assed argument & blanket statement they come up with instead of listening to whatever the fuck you’re saying lol

i wonder how much of the burnout culture we have in the medical field contributes to HCP eventually stopping giving a fuck instead of letting the injustices we see everyday radicalize us


filled a garlic breadsticks shaped hole in my heart today like the decadence of butter good bread garlic herb and salt 🤧

Enbyphobia against AMAB enbies 

AMAB enbies are completely fucking invisible and the queer scene at works with Patriarchal thought to push the idea that Nonbinary=AFAB and that Nonbinary=Womanlite, as such amab enbies dont even dare to enter trans/queer/feminist spaces. If they are trans woman adjacent or take hrt, they are just considered trans women and only tolerated if they "pass", if theyre not, theyre just considered cis men and a threat and lots of afab enbies also participate in this shit

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