Plus i’m actually a poor debater i tend to get distracted trying to correct people on e v e r ything but it’s a skill i’m working on gotta radicalize more peers so listening to y’all say your piece really helps 😎🤓

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@mostardently same im awwwful ive literally tried to sell a point to people who already agreed with me and seen in their faces how i lost them as i went on

@nurashimi I literally morph into the 😰 emoji as i frantically try to infodump to them all about how they’ve just internalized capitalist/anticommunist rhetoric

@mostardently jst realized what a bubble i live in that i cant remember the last time ive argued with a liberal

@nurashimi Noooooo i envy you so much 😩 feels like i live in Apolitical Central

@mostardently i feel u im about to switch from sociology to systems & politically im expecting the worst

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