Getting my a’raab and simple unjoined letters down now 😌

cishet men 

This shit FEELS unhealthy like i keep saying i won’t get involved w ch men but every time i just have to Learn again to learn it 🤧

@mostardently Look at Black Communities around the world how that can be done, what attitude you can assume/have!
Black People have known this for a long time.

"The best tool for radicalization is helping people meet their material needs, shouting 'Read Theory' at everyone can be very counter productive. Theory is great, but it won't fill an empty stomach."

anglos think a language having no gendered pronouns is some kind of a mind-blowing revelation instead of the standard for the vast majority of languages

Glottal sounds/letters are the hardest for me to get right but otherwise i’m thriving

Also y’all i’m making such good progress on reading the persoarabic script i’m so proud of myself. My handwriting is still atrocious but i’m learning to do the language some justice 😎

:P at this point i think nearly everything i have to say is a critique of how people here want to individualize and provide solutions at the level of the individual to systemic structures of oppression so i’m at whatever point in my political journey this is

it's wild how people still believe that as a thirty one year old adult i'm going to get "more conservative" as if it's going to be like a simple switch whereon my thirty fifth i'll wake up and go "you know what actually fuck equality, let's oppress some people"

Plus i’m actually a poor debater i tend to get distracted trying to correct people on e v e r ything but it’s a skill i’m working on gotta radicalize more peers so listening to y’all say your piece really helps 😎🤓

politics, mucho texto 

@mostardently I've been seeing the same thing. I think it comes from neolib propaganda and how it's designed to make us feel like there's no way out by telling us "we're making a lot of progress, we're fine as a species. You just feel alienated and helpless because its in our nature to be egotistical and destructive." And folks believe it because its all they can see: a lot of cool commodities and very evil people. Such propaganda claims that the current state of the world is the final phase of political evolution and doesn't allow for the imagination we had back in the day.

Another thing is semantics. If you go into the whole "human nature" thing its a philosophical debate that's been going on for years. Capitalism will use the phallacy "humans are egotistical because we always act in self preservation", and any example of altruism is thus linked back to self preservation and then egoism. Notice how the debate just hits a dead end and doesn't allow for further discussion. That's the neoliberal way of arguing. However I think its just absurd to assume that self preservation equals egoism, because all animals act in self preservation and if every being on earth is "egotistical" then no one is! If we didn't act in self preservation we'd succumb yo extinction really easily. Plus, egotistical, greedy beings have long had a history of being banished from their original communities. Lol.

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@mostardently human as a species literally couldn't have survived without solidarity for all these millions of years. Capitalism has been around for 500 yrs or smt. Rutger Bregman's "Humankind" is good book to study on this topic of how media and people in power manipulates us into thinking we're just a bunch of bad people. It literally is in favor of the rich and dictators if we keep thinking we human are greedy and evil. We're not.

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@mostardently It’s how they justify it to themselves too, I think. Lets them feel brave instead of shitty.

bisexual, nsfw 

I get very anxious about being a bi stereotype when i tell people i’m polyam too but like i will literally never stop wanting to date/sleep with a cute bi t4t couple like y’all if you’re looking........hot bi enby here 👋🏼

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@mostardently @nurashimi

This person you're arguing with is just believing in a story that rationalizes the way things are. It's an ideological difference between you, but something you might point out to them. Ideology always has the role of justifying by way of "rational explanation". You could have argued that human nature justifies anything, really.

Our natural desire for rationality shouldn't limit us either. (see: your friend's limitations).

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 


I would echo what @nurashimi said, the idea that our species is predisposed to violence and hierarchy isn't a justification for an economic regime. Humans are predisposed to all sorts of irrational impulses, but our impulses don't limit us. We make anthropomorphic symbols out of animals and shapes in the stars. We project ourselves into stories as protagonists. Our ability to do this makes communication possible, and deception too.

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@mostardently because if it’s not human nature, what is it? humans in general hate not being able to explain and justify things. saying that bad thing like our current system happen because people are inherently greedy is a simple answer to a lot of scary questions. because if greed and violence isn’t human nature - then why do they do it?

Water sign yearning 

I want someone to miss me as much as i miss my bed on stay duty days :(

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