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Hi, I'm Michaela

labels/shorthands: mixed queer trans neurodivergent leftist

I play music for fun and I engineer/problem solve to sell my labor.

my political beliefs are somewhere between "anarcho-syndicalism" and "fully automated luxury gay space communism"

I like dad jokes and terrible puns

I am frequently horny on main and I apologize in advance for that

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singing “if I don’t want to eat it all I don’t have to!” to convince myself it’s okay to throw away like 5 fries

this is extremely peak millennial but if i'm asking for a quote for low volume work and you only do high volume work, just email me back instead of calling me, interrupting me, and wasting 5 minutes of my time apologizing

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are you straight? cis? want to be a good ally and be supportive during the upcoming pride month? give your queer friends your credit card number, expiry and CVV

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The thing about people who have a lot of whatever it is that we're measuring with IQ is that they quite often tend to be way _more_ wrong than those who have less of whatever it is that those points stand for.

High IQ is kind of like superglue for opinions

Not only doesn't IQ compensate for ignorance or poor methodology, it acerbates the issue.

Rationalisation is a powerful drug. Most people can convince themselves of almost everything but those with high IQ tend to be _extraordinary_ at it.

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The humidity: drops below 40%
My skin 20 seconds later: Please help I am desiccating. I have never felt moisture. I am dry like a desert tomb. Why do you not care for me.

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"the content warning is now longer than the post itself"

"That's how you know it's a good post"

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long post, autism survey results, pt1

Autistic Not Weird made a new survey!

Some highlights:

-The non-autistic control group felt overall more socially isolated than the respondents of the 2018 survey. #Actuallyautistic respondents, however, did not.

-BUT autistic people were more likely than the control group to agree with the statement that "I found the lockdown harder than most people". Overall, both groups tended to disagree or strongly disagree though.

-ca. 84% of autistic respondents feel the need to mask in front of non-autistic people. Only ca 20% feel the need to mask in front of other autistic people.

-ca 65% of diagnosed autistic people approve of self-identification/ self-diagnosis. So did 48% of non-autistic caregivers

-Among autistic people, non-autistic caregivers, and non-autistic autism professionals, identity-first language (autistic person) was preferred. The preference was strongest among autistics (ca 91%)

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Once, just once, I would like to be able to find Hawaiian food in the Midwest that wasn't run by white people.

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

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The Bechdel test for polyamorous relationships: two metamours need to have a conversation about something other than their partner.

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Vulnerability is when I say something and my feelings get hurt when someone responds with something I didn't think about

This is a subtweet. I am subtweeting myself.

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the reason why I have more emotions now isn't because of HRT, it's because the Unicode Consortium keeps adding new ones
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