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for the sake of transparency: to protect myself as i am healing i'm making use of filters. i will also be blocking & muting as needed. this is not an attempt to police anyone - your space is yours to do whatever the fuck you want in.
i do not have the capacity for people who: refuse to take accountability, are hostile, derail conversations, stir up drama, or interact just to talk shit about other people .
im just here to learn, grow, love, appreciate, & cultivate healthy relationships

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accountability, request, lgbtqia+, sex workers 

hey y'all, instead of reaching out to each of you individually, i wanted to request this of you openly. specifically my fellow LGBTQIA+ and my Sex Worker friends: if i am unknowingly interacting with someone who invalidates your existence or disrespects you(r work), please bring it to my attention. i will not knowingly hold space for anyone who looks down on you for who you are or for the work that you do

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validation, mutuals 

if we interact enough for me to know anything about you & you ever need a kind word, just ask! i believe in validating the humans that i fuck with. you're special & you deserve to hear nice things about yourself 🖤

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im melissa: she/they are both fine
30 something, bipoc, pan, and poly
anarchist but only recently radicalized so still learning what 'labels' i identify with

im here to interact with people that fuck with the following thoughts:
abolish borders
abolish prisons
sex work is work
(and more along those lines)

i also really love cats and cows - like r e a l l y really


disgusted seeing people who spent the better part of a year screaming 'fuck the government' now content cause a 'less shitty' old white man is in the white house. can't help but imagine how much worse it world be if bernie had made it. how are humans so easily disillusioned? like every person sitting in that position won't be doing the same damage. guess people don't mind oppression and murder as long as it's not them being oppressed and murdered.

gfm request 

tuesday made it out of salem alive, and now he could use some financial support while he takes some time for recovery.

if you're able to, you can donate to his gfm or hit his cashapp/venmo: both @/$tuesdaylongway

community warning, pdx, protests 

photo also shared by @/r3volutiondaddy

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community warning, pdx, protests 

on the gram, @/freelunchcollective shared a screen shot of this birdsite thread by @/defendpdx and this picture by @/r3volutiondaddy


parenting without toxic authority has allowed me to cultivate a beautiful relationship with my kid. they're bad ass, funny, kind, and they never hesitate to tell me when im being an asshole. they also know that ill back them against any goddamn authority figure.
im not a perfect parent by any means, but i wouldn't trade our relationship for anything.

it's important to remember that parental relationships set the tone for what your kid will accept later in life. don't fuck them over🖤

graffiti, fuck landlords, fuck evictions 

fuck landlords all day, every day. fuck evictions all day, every day. but an extra fuck landlords evicting people during a fucking pandemic. housing is a fucking human right

seen in baltimore, maryland. shared by @/radicalgraffiti on the gram

gfm link 

"Hello all, I'm Se'mana Thompson from the Gila River Indian Community. I am a single person currently without my children who are in a youth facility and foster care.

I am in need of funds to move out of my current living situation. I am making the goal $10,000 for now so I can figure out not only a living situation but job situation..."

jfc i find it alarming that people who think talking to cops and feds is a good idea still fucking exist. if you're one of those people please: block me and never interact with me. ever. you're not going to keep us safe with that fucking mentality and i don't wanna fuck with you in any way, shape, or form.

hey everyone who isn't black, wanna know the best way to honor mlk today?? give money to black people.

please try to meet people where they are!
when i say memes played a huge role in my radicalization, i mean it. i grew up in entirely conservative/religious environments & from a very young age, was taught that anarchy/communism were bad. i never bothered to learn why/what they were. spent years unaware that beliefs ive always held are those of anarchists/communists/socialists. it wasn't until i saw these ideas in meme form that it all clicked. old me would never have touched a book on theory, js

community alert, thurston county, mention of queer and black hate, mention of plans to k*ll a trans person in the community

personal and group awareness and safety

portland general defense committee created a handy thread detailing everything from preparation for how you should deal with law enforcement to spreading the word and taking accountability if you fuck up!

link to thread with graphics here:

or just check out the alt text they provided here:

remember: your actions and words can fuck over more than just yourself! we protect us! :anarchoheart2:

since i keep telling people in dms: casual reminder that privacy settings as well as the block, mute, and report buttons are all your friends. it's a good idea to take some control over (and some responsibility for) your experience here :black_sparkling_heart:

hey y'all, feels like a good time to remind everyone that when kolektiva willingly hosted that attempted mass exodus from the gram, they also took on a significant financial responsibility! if youve got the means to donate:

scroll down a little ways from this link:

or just use this:

covid death, abolish prisons 

“Regardless, I’m a casualty of war, of combat, a willing casualty. We must not be daunted by authority, by capital, or by combat,” McCarvill wrote in his 2003 dispatch. 
“It has been said that history is written by the winner. My friends, we should have and maintain every intent to write that history.”

funding request for 'platform by swers for swers' 

'Soldiers of Pole doing business as Strippers United are committed to creating spaces where strippers and all sworkers can exist, find community, and share their services ...We envision a platform that has all the things we love about social media but without the oppressive censorship, surveillance, capitalist frameworks, racism, and sexism.'

seeing lots of self-proclaimed anarchists on the local timeline with questionable takes and i can't tell whether these are accounts hoping to infiltrate or if people's brains really work this way. regardless, glad i opted to change my privacy settings when i did.

oly jail support 

this original post is from december, but they retweeted this weekend

link to the thread mentioned in screenshot:

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