There are too many people in U.S. prisons. Some have taken this as a sign that we need to rework our criminal justice system. Prison technology companies have another approach prepared: robots.

"For art to be 'unpolitical' means only to ally itself with the 'ruling' group."" Bertolt Brecht

In the ~online~ american socialist, is stalinism the dominant thought? I'm just wondering (this is more about marxism, then the broader left that includes other socialists and anarchists)

27 million people are automatically filtered out of jobs while owners complain of no applicants, says Harvard study


to clairfy: ted k. has been associated with certain strains of primitivist anarchism in the past (rightly or wrongly), and that is seen to warrant his inclusion.


there’s a long-standing tension within A-library about certain selections. i disagree with his inclusion, but i think it’s there for reference. A-lib has also platformed Atassa and ITS in the past, and after controversy and splits amongst the organizers, finally removed those texts.

which is all to say: A-lib is a frequently helpful but imperfect resource.

(i also welcome folks to correct me if this info is off).

@kolektiva is now hosting the largest collection of anarchist films anywhere with the addition of the Stuart Christie film archive!

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