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Ver palestina y todos los imperialistas trantando de mentir son un asco

Me hierve la sangre con lo que está pasando en #Palestina buf hasta cuando van a permitir esa masacre

does anyone care about or can you only pay attn to one Latin American country

ok veo este discourse que no traigan camaras a protestas pero siento que podemos usar nuesstras propias cameras para protejernos pero quizas este equivocada

Speaking about the police and the army 

@joerebelloharley Maybe the gangs of armed thugs with state sanction to murder and steal from ("asset forfeiture", "confiscation") the poor and BIPOC could start this "peace and love" thing by stopping murdering & stealing.

If any of them faced consequences, fine. But any hypothetical "good cop" (ha ha no) works with & enables & protects thugs.

This isn't just US; UK, MX, FR, just about every state's cops are thugs.

All Cops Are Bastards.

So far just this week the cops have killed what, at least six people this week including two children. People wonder why we call for abolition.
Solidarity with everyone in the streets.

Minneapolis: Suburban police in Brooklyn Center murdered a 20 year old man at a traffic stop and a crowd of 100s is gathering outside the local police station, 6645 Humboldt Ave N.

Follow @unicornriot for livestream (currently down, say they will be back up in a few minutes)

If you're local, get either otg or support remotely, we're all tired af and need all hands on deck if this gets bigger.

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