Como claro compromiso de la OTAN con la democracia, se prohíben las manifestaciones.

Abortion Privacy.

This guide is rather basic, and is clearly aimed towards normies, but it’s a good starting-point for folks who might not already be privacy aficionados. Merely researching reproductive care could soon be a crime in your area, and basic digital opsec will help you stay safer.

I am dying this is not surprising but it’s devastating

Buenos días a todo el mundo menos a la persona que no ha recogido la caca de perro que encontrado en mi trayectoria esta mañana

Voy a infiltrar al PES argumentando que la Ley de Dios dice que nos hace falta una reforma agraria

it's probably not doxxing myself too much to say I'm on the west coast in 'canada', and so I keep a semi-interested eye on environmental orgs near me & campaigns like fairy creek and ongoing Wet'suwet'en resistance to the pipeline. i've watched XR make a real mess of their civil disobedience dreams here, and retreat after becoming very unpopular with hostile /and/ sympathetic communities.

the latest group imo is 'Save Old Growth', who love playing in traffic:

Please share widely in your networks

2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

Callout for proposals (workshops, tables, events, care space)


Well admitting to being a particular flavor of Marxism never goes right

fascism, patriot front, pnw 

no, cops did not save the town of coeur d'alene from a bunch of fascists. cops will always present themselves as the heroes of any story

patriot fail are bigots but they're optics obsessed so they likely would have just marched for a few minutes before scattering as cowards. cops did not prevent a massacre

we protect us from fascists

cops are not our friends

abuse, predator, grooming, 

Yup. Fuck you dude. Fuck you, and while I am not mad at my friend, I am so sad...our friendship is ruptured...but you didnt believe me, and I'm afraid for you....

if you're in seattle, in the pnw, speaking up might get me ostracized but i dont want it to happen to others, so if you are the pnw, let me know.

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