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lmao, Epik got hacked even more severely than first let on, and a new data dump got released.


On this week's episode of TFSR, we spoke with two members of about armed self defense, opening space for empowering education, critiques of reactionary gun culture and other topics.


These aren't in the server rules but many people would still probably benefit from adopting some or all of these 😉

Gene-splicing is easy if you've got luck on your side. Learn to control the Luck Plane for only $35.

FediTips having a real normal one finding out is used by *gasp* leftists

i think what's funniest about this is that PBS in the united states is NOT publicly funded and most of their money comes from various think tanks or the defense industry. lmao

Consider Loma Dong, she is about to understand what is the true potential of human depravity as her neighbor calmly applies nutella to her pastrami sandwich... in The Twilight Zone.

Ubuntu users, please take note, and boost if possible, this bug report about installer issues with Orca. The OS installer is the first thing many users will experience of an OS, and since, for better or worse, Ubuntu is the "flagship" end-user-facing Linux distro, accessibility should be kinda important. I know, volunteers and accessibility don't pay the bills and all that. Whatever. I'm done discussing that, I'm tired of excuses. Below is a link to the bug report:

#accessibility #a11y #linux #foss #ubuntu #orca

We’re sorry. The number you have dialled is imaginary. Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again.

i paid Pat Fleet, the registered voice of AT&T, to record this joke for me.

Aisle 856, Shelf 8, Object E1:2D:AB:97:EC:DA

A small square photograph of Richard Feynman standing in a field of wildflowers. Someone has set their coffee on the photo, and it is marred by pale brown rings.

If you look at it long enough, he makes a rude gesture.

Peruvian and Venezuelan Delegations: Contextualizing 2 countries in Latin America - DSA-LA

“Bob” is why your phone autocorrects “fuck” into “duck”. Because it’s actually kinda funny, everybody ducking all the time.

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