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@bobdobberson is an official part of Subgenius, i just got my official signed copy of The Book of the Subgenius and they had a sticker for it

never see an ad again with this one easy trick big advertising doesn't want you to know

(ublock origin)

This world is more rotten than I want to know and more wonderful than I can know. Maybe all this “knowing” business is over-rated. Maybe it’s not about smarts. Maybe it’s time for the Church of the SubGenius.

:jrbd: 🧠

I almost wanna buy a facebook account to see what my old party friends are up to, but it might be depressing

Great alternatives to #Signal that check all the boxes (#decentralization, #privacy, #opensource, #anonymous, #cryptocurrency-free):

- #Briar:
- #DeltaChat:
- #Matrix:
- #XMPP / #Jabber: (It aged very well, supports signal-like encyption and battery-efficient mobile apps now. If you dismissed it in the past, I encourage you to give it another try.)

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Shout out to people with enough good follows they check Federated less

Solidarity with the boat captain quitting his job in the best way possible

It doesn't count as snitching if they're rich

Day 17 and 18 and it was a doozy too, no more gas station tuna sandwiches

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