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If someone made a version of #BookWyrm but for movies and series I would totally use it and enjoy it - reviews, keeping track of what you watch, finding new things to watch. I think it would be a hit.

#Fediverse #ImNotADev #Dev

KDE Connect has great features but I don't wanna install 500 dependencies for , luckily I found a extension that works great

Major! Picard Spoilers 

holy shit are they reforming the borg into good guys?

heavy silence is my favorite kind of silence

Getting back into , had to dust off the fucker but I have too much free time on unemployment. Ender 3, open source hardware

Watching a lot of lately, Letterykenny, Kim's Convenience, Continuum

It would be nice is sites had single sign-on functionality, logging into other instances with your personal instance account

My old vape battery broke just after I received and charged my fancy new one. Thanks, Satan!

I never see waxed curbs these days, where you at, skaters?

Yes you should be extremely worried about the dynamics of Ukraine, turning into all out Imperial WW3.

But you should also be very worried about the liberals, who in the blink of an eye. Became pro war, and reiterate "Either your with us, or against us" not repeated since 9/11.

We in the US, are pitted against the start of our own civil war, climate collapse, economic collapse, and our own fascist militias.

Keep a really close eye on liberals. Because they will be the buffer for fascism.

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