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Who knows about United Nuclear ( )? A 90s lookin' ass site with all sorts of edgy but (generally) safe science stuff. Want a small bit of yellow cake uranium? not even that expensive. Uranium spiked mugs? They glow in UV! They've been great since I was a kid, I'm about to buy some uranium just for fun

Farting in my boss's chair Day Ten
Y'all can Call me Vladimir Pootin'

Others must join my Quest. Fart in the chairs of your oppressors! Small acts of resistance are mental health. Deny them the respect they crave.

Fuck it, I finally did it. I'm making pandemic sourdough. I hope? we'll see if it gets bubbly tomorrow. equal parts unbleached bread flour and water

I fucked up my phone trying to update LineageOS lol, I think I can still fix it

become the monster republicans think you are

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YPG veteran & anti-fascist Dan Baker is in jail b/c the FBI has railroaded him w/ terror charges b/c of facebook posts. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent something to make sure he's OK & lands back on his feet when he beats the BS case against him.
Full story & how to send him some support:

Make sure the Defence Fund is there for antifa in emergencies:

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Tonight on Deep Space 9
Nog visits the Celestial Temple but it turns out it's a faaaaaake

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I need some more diverse content, I don't wanna be the fart guy (but it is a burden I am willing to shoulder)

Farting in my boss's chair Day Six
(few hours late 'cause i forgot to post, it was a real doozy tho)

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