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Today, we mourn the loss of George Floyd and the thousands of other people whose lives have been stolen by police killings.

We can honor their memory by fighting to put an end to the institutions that treat human beings this way.

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A year ago, demonstrators in Minneapolis brought the murder of George Floyd to everyone's attention by laying siege to the Third Precinct. In this analysis, some of the participants outline how they ultimately succeeded in forcing the police to withdraw.

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Following May Day, we recommend Work, our analysis of how capitalism has changed.

As the compromises that stabilized it through the 20th century break down, it's becoming harder to defend fixed positions in the economy.

Let's topple the whole thing.

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Last night, prisoners in the jail in St. Louis once again revolted and smashed through the windows in multiple cell blocks to make contact with supporters.


Background about the previous uprising and the larger context of the struggles of the incarcerated in St. Louis:

For those who wish to stand with the prisoners—let's not aim to represent their agenda, but rather to support and expand their agency.

Abolish prisons.

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Riots in #Bristol, #UK, against a new law that would make parts of the Corona's regulations on gatherings and demonstrations permanent. Cop precinct under siege right now. #killthebill #CoronaRiots #antireport

ever noticed social movements usually take place when the kids are out of school👀☂️🥷🏻

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"Everything that happened in Nazi Germany was legal. It happened in courtrooms, just like this. It was done by judges who wore robes and quoted the law, judges who said 'This is the law, respect it.'"

-Jerry Rubin, February 15, 1970, on being sentenced for contempt of court

might apply for policy coordinator at a radlib org just to say fuck electoralism. no one would vote for me lmao but it’d be fun

bernie grifted y’all big time & im sick of explaining that to dsa bitches

i am tooting into the void but that’s ok bc at least im off bird app

the snow in seattle is pretty but god am i fucking scared for houseless neighbors

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Anarchist Library: **Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine - To the young people**

"Author: Revolutionary Insurgent Army of UkraineTitle: To the young peopleDate: June 1920Source: Retrieved on 8th October 2020 from Why, comrades, are you sitting at home? Why …"

#anarchism #bot

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Yesterday I met a leftist in my global politics class and shared a ton of anarchist media with them...I feel very accomplished.

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El Despertar de la Revuelta - Piedra Contra la Bala (2020) para Felpa Prod - VOST français.

The Awakening of the Revolt - Stones vs Bullets (2020) by Chilean anarchist filmmakers Felpa Productions... now with hard coded French subs.

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Today in #Berlin the pigs and german state are trying to evict anarcho-queer-feminist project #Liebig34. Solidarity with all those on the streets! Berlin for people not pigs!

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