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Bay View Massacre

On this day in history, striking workers were killed by "National Guard" in Bay View, Wisconsin

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my family really needs help w water bill asap - we're OUT OF WATER here in AZ desert..

📌explains we have income +housing waiting for us in Seattle but no funds to MOVE there, or pay bills here w/out mutaid😣

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The cancer was faster and stronger than me, I have lost the battle!
My cancer has already metastasized and this is irreversible
I'm trying to cover my funeral, this is my death wish pls help me!
🚨 $3,950🚨

I just want to find the TTRPG people on here to follow

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#feditips The Fediverse isn't really intended for direct messages, and, like any other service that doesn't use E2EE, the admins on your instance can still see "direct" posts (which is how DMs work).

It's better to use the "direct" feature to exchange contact information for platforms like Matrix or XMPP, which *are* end-to-end encrypted, and thus secure for chatting.

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been reclaiming a home now for 14hours.... locked in. please share

una casa okupada es una casa encantada!

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