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for folks who followed me over here from IG, im gonna try to do a little orientation and FAQ. i dont know everything but I will try. feel free to respond to this thread with questions you have, and boost for others to see!

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- hello fediverse! im elise slop (she/they) and im here to advocate for the abolition of the world order!

what i post: memes, seditious anarchist propaganda, probably some butt pics, a lot of Bad Content that i think is funny, Gay Shit

i don't tolerate creeps, racists, TERFs, SWERFs, homophobes of any kind, ableism, misogyny, fascists, etc.

im located in the pnw. i am white, able-bodied, bisexual. equal parts sad and hot.

chutes and ladders except it's based on a thousand plateaus so there are network flows and lines of flight and the game is called dechutes and laddaris

I dont need a girlfriend I just joined a dnd campaign

the best part of IG is if you try to shoot your shot into the DMs and embarrass yourself u can still delete the message before they see it

glad everyone could make it today to support me in coming out as an ethereal bisexual who also hates obama

the real adhd screening is whether or not you can get through the 2 page adhd screening without getting distracted and then totally forgetting you were even taking the assessment till you go back 2 days later to try to close out a few of your three dozens tabs and windows

u know how annoying it is when your teacher nitpicks like, small grammatical issues or phrasing and takes points off your essay for it? that, except with thousands of teachers, is how it feels for ppl to constantly make petty criticisms of your content online. like ya i know it is spelled wrong. it's too much work to fix. who cares. go away.

rn im thinking about how I would probably have 15k followers at this point if I hadn't gotten zucked and as much as it sucked to get deleted w no warning or apparent cause, im actually sort of relieved not to be responsible for that kinda platform lmfaoooo I'll take my 5k happily ty

been fascinating seeing all these fatphobic ppl who always go on about ""health""" literally going to the gym or maskless workout classes in the middle of a plague like... ya... it's pretty obvious just how much you care about other ppl's health, brenda.

tiktok builds class consciousness bc the whole time u just see all these rich kids houses and it's like... damn.. ppl really live like this... and here i am trying to decide how badly ordering a pizza will wreck my monthly budget...

some people seem to think my pronouns are "this motherfucker right here/that motherfucker right there" which are just gender neutral enough that I don't get offended

other things ur str8 bf can remember even tho he forgets ur bday annually:
-how effective each type of bait is for diff types of fish
-the model/make/stats of every car he has admired since preschool
-the exact location & stats of every single weapon in every FPS game he plays
-the point totals of every beer pong match he has ever won
-the bday of that one ex gf he is always texting
-how to gaslight you

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remember "the emporer's new clothes"? the story where the court was too chickenshit to tell the king invisible clothes weren't real & he was naked? used to think that story was just fiction, but after 4 years of trump I am genuinely wondering if it was based in historic fact

idk how u can date a man who can't even remember ur bday, like.... ma'am this man knows the full name, jersey number, and player stats of every dude on his fantasy football team but "can't remember" ur bday? sure

Informative series on how to infiltrate your local fascist facebook groups and online communities:

"These will cover a range of topics including gathering intel, disrupting the pipelines through which they recruit new members into their ranks, creating rifts between extremists and non-radicalized conservatives, sowing discord and distrust among already active extremist groups, and taking action to shut down organized threats to your community’s safety in real time."

anyone else have a grandparent shaming them for not going home for holidays when the pandemic is worse than ever, and they're just like "you don't know how much longer I'll be around" and it's like ya grams that's my primary concern

no nuance november, where you give a hot take and then refuse to explain it: only boring straight white men unironically like catcher in the rye

our brains r not meant to take in the sheer scale of criticism u receive as a leftist with a sizeable following like honestly... i feel like i finally get why ppl who have too much clout stop being receptive to feedback, it is bc there's too much of it all the time and it makes u super anxious and overwhelmed and defensive

Hello everyone - I'm an anarcho-communist in Colorado. Trying out Mastodon to see if it's possible to escape from the capitalist hell hole of Facebook.

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