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The highest level of so called justice in this country just took away your bodily autonomy with . The state will not protect you. It is designed to dominate and uphold white supremacy and patriarchy. It is time to . Hit the streets!

Tomorrow we will talk about anarchafeminism with Chiara Bottici! ⁦@TheWordIsChange⁩

Join us Thurs June 23rd at 7pm @TheWordIsChange for this timely and important discussion on anarchafeminism with Chiara Bottici .

Support the laundry workers center facing retalitation. @LWC_workers @brandworkers

Sunday June 5th the care assembly is back for reproductive justice! .

The march went late. We're setting up on the north side of Foley. See you soon!

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The state and the church go hand and hand. They regulate and control women's bodies. They subjugate them by patriarchal rule. Both are the enemies of women's liberation, and queer liberation. .

Fight fight fight! Abortion is a human right! It felt good to be out in the streets last night. Let's keep the momentum and protect our bodies from the state.

Happy Liberation Day 2022! We rolled out with @LWC_workers and @elhormigueronyc under rain and thunder 🌩️ this morning! Here's the @brandworkers livestream at the construction site shutdown.

Best Super Cleaning does not give their workers enough protective gear or pay them a living wage. Not the best! @LWC_workers @brandworkers @iwwnyc

We joined @LWC_workers @brandworkers and supporters in Crown Heights this morning delivering a letter to their employer Best Super Cleaning.

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Happy May Day. Arm your desires, liberate your time, snatch back your dignity.

Illustration by N.O. Bonzo.

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