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Our next General Assembly is coming up tomorrow with our friends at @brandworkers. Please join us!


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"It would be a great shame if Occupy’s anarchism—its embrace of utopian and confrontational space-taking, horizontalism, and political experimentation—were ignored in its retelling."—@natashalennard

MACC friends and comrades in this piece on the impact of Occupy, sexism and racism on the left, and what hasn't and hasn't changed since the movement of the squares.

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Alerta NYC:

Tomorrow, join @familiesfreedom @DetentionWatch @queerDEP and friends at 26 Federal Plaza for an emergency demonstration to resist these racist deportations, mass detentions, and acts of state violence against our Haitian fam.

Thanks for the RTs folks. We found a few volunteers for this Friday, but if any one else is interested in supporting language access to our assemblies and organization, please let us know!

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Looking for a live for our General Assembly on Friday Sept 24, 7-9 pm.

Here are 2 paid organizing jobs in NYC & NJ that you can be a proud in. @brandworkers has a strategy, so if you speak Spanish and English, and this speaks to you, apply today!
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Did you hear? Brandworkers is growing!

We’re building an organization of food workers with the power to transform society. We’re dedicated to making a real change in the U.S. labor movement and making labor organizin…

HELP WANTED: facing and request our demanding the boss recognize their . Join us at next General Assembly 9/24 at 7 pm!

New to MACC? Orientation at 6:15 pm.

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After my last tweet on Luisa Capetillo’s beautiful new book, some folks wrote to me that they had never heard of Capetillo. Next year is the hundredth anniversary of her passing in 1922. To honor her work and memory, I decided to make a thread abt her badassness. 🧵 1/

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Our friends at Brandworkers are expanding and currently hiring 3 positions!

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This is a helpful breakdown of arguments being made around the anniversary. Occupy Wall Street/Occupy, ten years on | .

Thanks for sharing our statement. There's also a great video here with @Mark__Bray and @NathanScheider
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"Any journalist writing about the OWS movement should know its actual history, separated from the machinations of those who later tried to co-opt its message for themselves. OWS was anarchism in practice, and that is its legacy."

If you missed the in person screening or are not in NYC check out the film online.
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You can watch All Day All Week for free here:

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wasn't a success because a few Democrats looted its slogans. It erupted not because of, but in the void of 'the Left.' It showed the power of mass action against capital, how struggles could organize without bosses + the limits of non-violence in the face of the State.

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On the 10 year anniversary of I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that anarchist(ic) organizers played a huge role in shaping the movement’s anti-authoritarian values and practices. I wrote a book about that:

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Join us this Friday! food, clothes, zines, supplies, vibes as usual.

This week we’re joined by @cinemovilnyc in collab with @macc_nyc doing a film screening of “All Day All Week: An Occupy Wall Street Story” starting @ 7:30 pm.

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