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If another teacher tells me that "the system isn't broken, it's working as designed," I'm going to print everything I've ever written and slap them with it. I guarantee you that I do not need this reminder, especially as a disabled queer educator who has been intentionally burnt out by that exact system.

"It's a radical act for a teacher to be kind in the system." No, it's *basic fucking decency*. It is not radical to *be a decent person*. It should be *expected*.

Stop making basic actions the radical position because we're too used to being abused.

Ironic that it wasn't "Less of a Stranger". It was "Don't Let the Kids Win", a song I've heard many more times.

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Millions of people grow up with parents who love them uncritically, with knowledge of their heritage going back generations so their whole life is a continuation of some grand story. (Even if it's a bad story.) I do feel like a page torn from a book.

Grandma Dee really wants to share stories with me, but it's difficult to make time to visit (and process her colorful personality). She refuses to learn how to record them for herself, which would make it So much easier for both of us. Alas.

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I legit almost broke down crying over one of the songs that touched on the mother being a stranger. Mine always will be.

My parents would never shut the fuck up about how the world was better when they were young, but they barely ever told me anything meaningful about themselves from before I was born. Even if they had, I would have forgotten. Depressed minds are seives, and my depressed mind is very much their fault in most ways.

And yet I'm still quite sad over it. It's not fair.

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The Julia Jacklin/Katy Kirby concert was fantastic.

Tried and failed to get a woman in crisis gas money, but I bought her some food. Gave a homeless guy a new lighter.

Crashed in a Seattle hotel because my feet hurt WAAAY too much to walk all the way home. It's really quiet here. I do dig it.

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Please join my initiative to raise and enforce the minimum wage in the US so that military recruiters can't prey on impoverished people anymore. I call it 

Wage against the Marine

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"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

Fundamentally, liberal "order" is an attempt to reap the benefits of community while suppressing the behaviors and humanity required to produce community. It is impossible for human life to thrive like this. Full lives are reserved for those with the power to allocate disproportionate resources to themselves, and taken at great personal cost by those who abstain from the entire system.

If we were living in tribes and you were forced to identify with the tribe of your birth and were not allowed to leave yours for another without incredible effort, we would call your tribe a cult.

But call it a "country" and...

Ugh, the one day I plan to go to a concert (Julia Jacklin), I get a headache because my phone almost borked and I spent so long in the sun trying to fix it.

OK, 2 days in and we have had our first "Oh my God, is my phone fucked so badly that it needs a factory reset?" moment.

It refused to let me turn it off normally. It kept forcing me to reboot into Safe Mode until I erased all of my settings.

At least I didn't need to erase and re-download all my data.

...I do need to start placing my apps on my dashboard from scratch.

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lol, in 1792, Benjamin Banneker, a free Black man, wrote to Thomas Jefferson to criticize Jefferson's support of slavery. In it, he quoted "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" to that bitch's face.

Jefferson shit-talked him behind his back for the rest of his life.

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I will concede "Rebel" in the sense that they were bucking a historical trend, but if they're doing it because they believe a historical wrong should have been even worse, then they're not a "Renegade."

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>"Chapter One: Colonization and Settlement."

I see.

>"1620: Building a Holy Commonwealth: The Pilgrims Arrive in America."

I seeeeeeee.

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Picked up a book called "Rebels and Renegades: A Chronology of Social and Political Dissent in the United States" because of the title and the usual suspects on the cover.

>"This book quotes extensively from rebels and renegades on all sides of the political spectrum..."

Uh, several sides of the political spectrum are "Not Renegades"...

>"In 1978, William Pierce wrote his racist, right-wing 'The Turner Diaries'..."

I see.

Law schools, every few months: The best way we have to prepare students for high-stakes litigation is to prey on childhood trauma.

The solution to the above was to disable the Google app entirely. I have no idea what side-effects, if any, that will have.

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GOD, I hate that Android does a stupid Google spam feed when you swipe too far to the left. How do I disable it again?

"Sadly it is not possible anymore."



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