Because letting people choose what a widget appears like on their phone screen would be... worse? Somehow?

The Google Calendar widget is unreadable in dark mode. The event colors are obviously exclusively designed for a white background.

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There's a really good story in "DC's Saved By The Belle Reve" about Azrael confronting his repressed memories of being beaten and discouraged (to say the least) by teachers.

"A) Raise your prices." (1963)

Tfw they just say it.

Wow. A restaurant having to paste stickers on top of a TV to update it throughout the day.

Imagine if restaurants used some kind of... board...? With letters they could edit...? That didn't require a full day's worth of electricity...?

I think I'm on to something here.

"I represent the ALLIANCE OF SOVEREIGN STATES, better known as ASS."

Just saw a take that boils down to "Ban Cars is ableist because it would be too difficult."

"He thus brings the automobile to technical perfection without a thought of the nontechnical consequences which an increase in the number of automobiles must have. He will even demand that everybody should own at least one automobile, and we all have heard the jubilations this demand has elicited.

"But whoever approves of 'two cars in every garage' by implication grants to every person extra resources which, applied to the whole Earth, would lead to an extreme squandering of resources." (1946)

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I'm talking "Professor X joins forces with Magneto AND Apocalypse because they were correct" levels of righteous energy.

Because Apocalypse was right that to a dedication to Queernees, seeking liberation and your truest self, is superior to hewing to oppressive norms.

Because Magneto was right that the only thing oppressors respect is power and liberation will be taken, not given.

And because Professor X was right that undirected violence and working alone are not the way forward.

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Yet another assigned villain from those great Americans making superhero comics.

Halloween. First time girlmode. 

This was my witch costume! I got lots of compliments.

The party was so fun! Lots of love and great food all around. ^w^

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