Christ Al-fucking-mighty, if I'm forced by someone with a job to read one more screed about how people without jobs would have jobs if they were "Better, More Resiliant People", I will go postal.

Literally, this report says many people who graduate law school aren't getting hired because they lack "sufficient" IQ, "sufficient" EQ, and (new!) "sufficient" CQ (Character Quotient).

They volunteer-surveyed lawyers with jobs who, uh, have perverse incentives to justify the unemployment rate.

I don't even want to waste my breath on this bullshit, but people with authority believe in this so strongly that they won't even keep it to themselves.

This professor also assigned a video preaching against the dangers of motivated reasoning. Pity "I'm a good lawyer and those newbies aren't worth shit" isn't considered a motive.


Very seriously starting to feel like I was spoiled by my first law school professor being a pretty cool person. Unless this new prof is just having me read this stuff in order to think about its persuasive character (it's for a writing class), I'm in for some shit.

But that's the thing. The writing class is very well publicized and a 1L requirement, so it's probably also where they stuff in the "what it means to be a good lawyer" content.

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