I'm so fucking tired of people talking about racism in terms of "unintended consequences." It's a frame of mind enforced by our legal system, which was designed by high-class motherfuckers who never wanted to be held accountable for anything and were also racist as fuck. People intend their racism, and we shouldn't need to "prove" it in order to get them out of positions of authority.

Topic switch, but I was talking to a guy in my class about reporting sexual assault the other day. I say we should default to taking all reports at face value. His counterargument was based on a guy he met in the military who "lost" a 20-year career because he put his arm around a subordinate woman's shoulder and rested it on her thigh.

Talking about that in terms of intent is asinine. Of course he intended it. The priority is inclusion, not protecting people in comfortable positions of power.

Descriptions of racism or misogyny punctuated by "in $CURRENTYEAR" should always be read—res ipsa locquitor—as racism and misogyny. It is what it is. Call that shit out. If it rises to them needing to be removed, the process for removing them should be swift and merciless. There are a million other people who could sit in that chair without being a piece of shit.


Racists do not deserve to live. They are all expendable.

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