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intro mentions drugs, mh, sw. 

i’m mirabai/leeway. she/they.
PNW-based 25 yo, white, jewish(ish), genderqueer, ace/aro.
my life is shaped by my bipolar disorder, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, and the substances i take to help with them.

i’m a enthusiast, needle exchange outreach volunteer, and addiction counseling student.
i’m an , i make and other things. sometimes , but not much lately.

psych med maven. solidarity with cats!

sex work 

tomorrow i’m seeing a client for the first time in a year and like... i think i remember what penises are? not sure though.

the fire alarm went off but no one stopped rollerskating. at least slow the music down to match the beeping.

everyone's trauma and life experience is super valid! except mine!

got them portland winter blues (pandemic edition)

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reminder not to post your crimes on the internet

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If you are sitting in a house right now, take a minute to feel gratitude for those four walls & that ceiling.

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sometimes i wanna just dissociate until the world is better. bury myself in the ground, freeze myself in a stasis tank... wake up to the better world that i know is possible but am too tired to reach for most of the time.

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i have way too many feelings about statements made in my collective’s signal group chats. i need better emotional boundaries between myself and the internet.

antipsychotic meds 

this seemed inappropriate for instagram but i’m posting it here i guess

[image description: sketchy drawing of a face with a rectangular yellow pill under their tongue. beside the face in shaky handwriting it says “Ahh, the sweet taste of sanity”. it the bottom left corner in small writing it says “zyprexa ODT” and the date and artist’s signature]

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@leeway Hydrochloric acid is also fairly easy to find and does a rather vigorous reaction, a sufficient quantity can even make it structurally unstable overnight.

So be sure to not get any on the base of a bronze statue, it could fall and be an embarrassing moment!

be careful throwing tomatoes at bronze statues or plaques, it causes a chemical reaction with the copper that causes irreversible decay and corrosion known as "bronze disease". seawater and other solutions containing chlorides can have this effect too. you wouldnt want to inexorably ruin any statues, so be very careful.

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