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Currently enjoying Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel. Some how it's relaxing and edgy at the same time.

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Tooters! I've spent the last 18 months doing a research project on #mutualaid during the pandemic, the results of which can be found at

Please do take a look. The interactive documentary has over 2 hours of interview footage.

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I want to help get out the message that there are valid reasons for some of the friction and lack of features in Mastodon, while there is also of course plenty of room for improvement.

The inability to free-text search anyone’s messages or anyone’s hashtags across the Fediverse is instrumental in keeping harassers and trolls at bay. Abusers must work harder to find conversations, there are no ”quote-boosts” and no viral rewards. Incentives and abilities to torment are restrained.

Only just started by Emily St. John Mandel but I'm hooked already. The book focuses on survival after an apocalyptical flu virus. Grim but gripping.

Made a desk from some pine boards and a couple of rectangular steel bench legs. Finished with walnut wood dye and tung oil.

I am inside an Italian hotel bar, I am alone. The room is long and narrow, it has a minimal brutalist style with smooth grey concrete walls. Continue reading:

Trying to write a toot whilst sitting in strong sunshine glare is not a good idea.

Found a battered, handmade tallboy on Ebay. The tallboy was a bargain but time hadn't been kind to it. It was full of dents and scratches and the pine had turned a horrible yellow colour. After sanding and a single coat of water-based wood dye the tallboy looked like a different piece of . The drawer knobs were finished with black wood dye.

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The Price Of ‘Selective Inattention’ – Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, And The Climate Apocalypse

"In March, these three broadcasters devoted about a third more time to foreign news than they have in recent years ‘when international news coverage has fallen to all-time lows’. "

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