If one was to get a new phone at the current time what would folks recommend for security?

It's always wild to me when a well known and established podcast on the left invites someone on for an interview amd ends up just using them as a sounding board for the better part of an hour, I can think of few things as disrespectful to both your guest and audience than just taking up more space rather than using your platform to elevate others

Also, ftr, if you want to do charity work on your own time, fine. But don't try to convince me it is revolutionary to volunteer at a soup kitchen that is literally set up to gatekeep the behavior and choices of our neighbors in need to determine who is worthy enough to eat. That is elitist saviorism to scratch a feel good itch without actually putting in work


Have had my first real interaction with authcoms since becoming an anarchist, similar tendency to the one that snagged me, too

I feel a real need to find a bunch of people from my past and appologize for what a little shit I was

Not today, Tommy Bahama wearing boomer! We don't hassel already swamped service workers because you have to wait a little longer to place your order while I'm around!

I feel like this is the space for a question like this:

If i need (free) second phone number what are the best secure options that aren't google?

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US pol 

NGL, learning that the only thing that may have stopped an out and out coup on 1/6 was secret service security protocols is much more unnerving than the idea that trump was to chicken shit to actually join his followers

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yknow, im beginning to suspect that the global resurgence of eugenics as a response to societal and ecological collapse is uhhh not great

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This flagrant negation of humanity which constitutes the very essence of the state is, from the standpoint of the state, its supreme duty and its greatest virtue.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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The pandemic is still here, and it is still killing, disabling and causing far more permanent damage to children and adults than most realize. Those that follow actual science know this. twitter.com/PanickedFoodie/sta

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"Winstanley continued to advocate the redistribution of land. In 1652 he published another pamphlet called The Law of Freedom in a Platform, in which he argued that the Christian basis for society is where property and wages are abolished. In keeping with Winstanley's adherence to biblical models, the tract envisages a communistic society structured on non-hierarchical lines, though one likely to have voluntary patriarchs."
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We need to be able to trust each other to build a world without heirarchy, and i've yet to see the website that doesn't incentivize burning bridges at every turn

It's a weird move to claim you were expelled from an organization you never belonged to and whose politics are so at odds with yours that you never would have been able to join. It's a weirder move to essentially insinuate people you are working with on projects were involved in that expulsion. Yes, this is inebriated vague. No, i will not be explaining.

My point, however, is that we should all remember our allies, friends, and comrades and the trust they place in you are impacted by what

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"People raised in cultures of shame don’t understand that you can do bad things without being a bad person. So if someone makes you feel like a bad person, you’ve got to go in hard, double down, destroy them."


I really have a hard time trusting a self identified leftist of any stripe who when provided an on topic source in a conversation responds that they don't read/listen to/watch that source.

Like, no one is saying you have to consume an entire oeuvre! Refusing to engage with an single source that can provide more info or context of the top of my head is cult behavior.

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Capitalism really is just a death cult isnt it

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1. It serves as a reminder that homosexuality is still illegal in multiple counties
2. Things only change by civil disobedience; throw bricks at cops.
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The older I get the more unbearable I find the hours stolen by wage labor. I feel like I'm crawling in my skin and bored out of my fucking mind. I got birds to watch and plants to propagate.

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