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@jameschip just submitted my entry :)

hey yall, look at this pretty picture I made in high school, now look at the game I just made up (SECOND WORLD:ᴢᴇʀᴏ) and shamelessly plastered over it, now play the game, ok great, thanks <3

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The great thing about the IWW is that they are so radical and so clear about their goals.
Furthermore, they are federated with the ICL-CIT, a grassroots international syndicate of revolutionaries and reformists of all types.

Their competition is the USA's Worker's Solidarity Alliance, internationally federated with the IWA-AIT. The IWA-AIT seems way past its heyday, and I think the ICL-CIT is the worthy successor, from this history lesson:

The great thing about DSA is that they are so large and nationally active... the bad thing is they don't understand what their own goals are.
It's a reformist org that doesn't candidates in elections. So where are they going with it?
Everyone will give you a different answer, and that's not how you pull together.

@kris I'd love to go to Puerto Rico anyway. I want to here those coqui frogs

Considering joining the IWW and working to develop the Communications and Internet Technology Workers Industrial Union 570.
It could be a lifelong work, the IWW is so behind on modern tech afai can tell.

"Should the unemployed apply a little of the much vaunted self-help, that is, should he do in a small way, what the rich do daily with impunity on a grand scale, should he, in fact, steal, in order to live — the bourgeoisie will heap burning coals of “moral indignation” upon his head, and, with an austere visage, hand him over relentlessly in charge of the state, that in its prisons he may be fleeced the more effectively, i.e., cheaper. " - Johann Most

Workshop: Constructing Anarchisms
I've been contemplating hosting some sort of introductory course on anarchist history and theory for a long time now—and have put it off for a variety of reasons, not least of which is my own feelings of unpreparedness. It is no small thing to try to talk about the basics among anarchists, who often have very stro

Just found this site from an IWW thread. Could be a good resource for a lot of y'all.

I am going to center indigenous voices
I wish I could center the voices of the youth and the unrecognized leaders, but the legally/Western-recognized leaders will have to do
I am going to do what I can where I stand

Amazon Workers in Alabama have officially filed with the National Labor Relations Board to hold a unionization vote.

This is huge news because these kinds of things typically only get filed after the union advocates determine that there is overwhelming support in that workplace. There are 1500 staff in this warehouse. Alabama is one of the most anti-union states in the country.

Absolute support for these workers.

If you see someone struggling, offer to help them.
If they refuse your help, might be smart to help them anyways (man to man: yes; man to woman: maybe not).
If they REALLY refuse your help, might be smart to stick around anyways, and make sure they don't need it.
RIP to the hayishi rice we lost tonight because a man felt the need to carry everything all by himself.

The difference between anti-fascists and far right militas is VERY different 1:35 here you already have people armed and pretending to bust down doors and shoot then in “Inside America’s Far-Left” you have people making an quick solution to stop pepper-spray from hurting your eyes!

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an important report has just been published by my friend emmi: The Decentralized Web of Hate

"Fascists (and other bad actors) are [...] hosting manifestos resiliently, raising money anonymously, communicating securely to organize attacks, sharing weapons plans, and networking to build out their numbers."

"We cannot abandon p2p technology but we also can't ignore the risks. The only way out is through."


I dont know who needs to know this, but the concurrence of austerity--the vicious slashing of social spending across the board--and the growth of the carceral state and industrial complex are no coincidence. That's the most simple definition of what neoliberalism is, and what its project means for us.

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