Folks outside of chinatowns don't get the lovely shit that happen there? I hung out at an elder community center a lot as a kid with my grandma where we made meals for elders in the community.

I thought it was the normal thing until I had white friends in high school talk about their grandparents. Like they just throw their elders away into nursing homes?


My grandmother gave all of her children white ppl names and even white middle names. She fought my mother to give me a Japanese name even though I would grow up to be the white child of the family.

I don't know how to put into words what intergenerational trauma is for my family, but I sure as hell respect my elders to make sure they rest even more for all the hurt they have endured.

Ughh getting off topic but white ppl miss out on the experience of being awkward teen talking about wanting to cosplay and asking my grandma how to sew kimono and some ladies from lunch bringing me some of their old kimono and then getting embarrassed and stumbling about how THIS IS A COSTUME and then getting sent home with hand me down kimono anyway because oh my god Asian gifting culture.

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