Ughh getting off topic but white ppl miss out on the experience of being awkward teen talking about wanting to cosplay and asking my grandma how to sew kimono and some ladies from lunch bringing me some of their old kimono and then getting embarrassed and stumbling about how THIS IS A COSTUME and then getting sent home with hand me down kimono anyway because oh my god Asian gifting culture.

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My grandmother gave all of her children white ppl names and even white middle names. She fought my mother to give me a Japanese name even though I would grow up to be the white child of the family.

I don't know how to put into words what intergenerational trauma is for my family, but I sure as hell respect my elders to make sure they rest even more for all the hurt they have endured.

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Folks outside of chinatowns don't get the lovely shit that happen there? I hung out at an elder community center a lot as a kid with my grandma where we made meals for elders in the community.

I thought it was the normal thing until I had white friends in high school talk about their grandparents. Like they just throw their elders away into nursing homes?

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USpol, transmisia and ageism 

There's a proposed bill in Mississippi to stop anyone under the age of 21 from getting treatment for gender dysphoria

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stocks are FAKE
property value is FAKE
the economy is FAKE
the only REAL thing is: cat

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Please help me survive, I beg of you now more than ever: 

If you can, please donate something to help.

It'd be very much welcome and appreciated.



Every cent helps, truly.

And so do boosts of this thread. Thank you in any case! :blobcatheart:

Hope you're all well and safe,

with love,
EloΓ­sa V.

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Sharing on behalf of a friend, a Latinx trans woman in Houston who's fundraising for HRT and gender-affirming surgery. Would appreciate if you can donate and boost. Thanks πŸ’œ

Venmo: Farrah-Fang-92
Cashapp: $farrahfang12

Talking about blood pressure and recovery ~good vibes~ 


I'm was definitely not orthostatic this week!! I had a 6bpm! increase from resting to standing!

This is the first time in 6 weeks of EDIOP I have had stellar vitals (last week was borderline orthostatic)

It feels rally good to have a cardiovascular system that isnt screaming at me all the time πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.

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Any time you see something like "first transgender woman to do X," or "first transgender man to do Z," consider that they're actually likely the first *openly* transgender person to do that. We're everywhere & always have been.

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the fallacy of the free speech arguments on social networks is considering who is banned more than who is actually terrified to the point of silence. mostly because only one group is actually visible.

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if you're running a social network: if you don't ban the violent, you're effectively banning the victims who flee. the choice says a lot.

Had to delete and redraft this because I forgot to tag the accessibility group >_<

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Please be aware that any post that tags @/ and @/ groups gets boosted.

Remove the tags when needed to prevent spam.

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I heard you need some resources to write image descriptions!

This article here details an easy way to approach writing IDs: (

This Tumblr post has a bunch of examples for different types of images: (

This tool is useful for extracting text from an image: (

@imagecaptionspls @accessibility

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Electricity, education, health, water, housing, food, (damn even fucking technology in these times) are mfckn’ human rights: expropriate, steal, occupy, loot, share... it's your natural right to live in peace.

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My practical rundown of non-firearm self-defense options 

First, I'll start with the typically-legal options.
Pepper spray: OC pepper spray has no physical stopping power, but it's a pretty good deterrent since it's very recognizable. Get the gel stuff, not the regular conical spray, which is what most of the cheaper cans are. Gel goes in a solid stream instead of a conical blast, but it won't blow back on you, and it's safer to use in enclosed spaces/up close. Unfortunately, illegal in Canada.

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uspol, PSA re: epilepsy, boosts appreciated 

If anyone seeing this suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, please do yourself a favor and avoid the news right now. The police are using strobe lights to push back protesters.

Even if you don't suffer from epilepsy, it might be a good idea to turn the news off anyway. You're right to be upset, scared, even furious. But remember to take care of yourself. Conserve spoons. Stay safe.


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an option for folks who don’t think owning a gun is safe for them 

reminder to ppl who don’t feel comfortable owning firearms for mental health reasons that there are lots of other very effective forms of self defense weaponry that you can own that are less of a self harm risk!

some great options:
-aluminum baseball bats
-stun guns/tazers/electrical weapons
-throwing knives
-quality bow & arrow

self defense doesn’t have to mean guns!

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