rapidly alternating between "disappointed but unsurprised that Roe is going to be overturned" and "utterly appalled at the court's implication that it isn't just going after Roe, but now Obergefell v Hodges, Lawrence v Texas and more are all free game" in the last eighteen hours

I guess the "right way" to do this is to have some sort of PKI that authenticates twoots coming from an account and makes it possible to publish an account change announcement (or whatever the right terminology is for the Mastodon API) after a takeover has happened

which introduces its own headaches, to be sure, but if it's an optional feature then I don't think those issues are any worse than allowing each instance's sysadmins to run amok?

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so beyond the Mastodon developers' apparent nonchalance re: user privacy, it also kinda grinds my gears that your identity is tied to a single instance

like, is there any barrier barring a sysadmin from completely taking over a user's account? it seems like that would be a pretty big security consideration for a federated social media platform 😐

virgin infinity norm-optimal polynomial approximation


chad "overlay a bunch of graphs of random functions on top of the target until I find one with good vibes"


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