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This deserves its own post @mtlbookfairunofficial

The Syndicat de locataires autonomes de Montréal / #Montreal Autonomous Tenants' Union is doing "Tenant Organizing 101: How to Build a Combative Union in Your Building" at 11am on the Sunday of the bookfair in the CÉDA building, room 123

Here's a link to other SLAM-MATU stuff! linktr.ee/slam.matu

Feel free to boost! :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok: Or to download the image and send it to friends on Signal

#nomorerent #nomorelandlords

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We're bummed to report that a bunch of the merch that we printed up for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is now sitting in a Canadian Border Services dumpster after being declared 'seditious material'. Sorry folks! Check out our table anyway. @AnarchyBookfair@twitter.com

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6+7 - August / Aout - Saturday and Sunday / Samedi et Dimanche

The 2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair! :anarchy_black: :anarchopunk:

10-17h at the Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre (CCGV) (2450, rue Workman) and the CÉDA (2515, rue Delisle)

For anarchists and people curious about #anarchism


more info @mtlbookfairunofficial

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announcing the 2022 montreal anarchist bookfair party! location tba! 10pm to late! boosts v appreciated! :party_parrot: :nihil_boost:

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I set up a French-language mirror account to this one: @salon_anar_mtl_officieux

FR "officieux" = EN "unofficial"
FR "officiel" = EN "official"

s'il y a quelqu'un qui veut se charger avec le rôle de gérer un tel compte, j'suis très down de partager le mot de passe. Il serait simplement trop pour moi et/ou autres anglos de gérer les deux à la même fois!

🔁 des boosts seraient appréciés 🙂

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If it isn't already being shared on Mastodon, here is the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair poster this year!

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Join International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in 2022!

The call for #woswap2022 is finally out, and you can find it on our website: solidarity.international

Share the news, follow @solidarity_week@twitter.com and get involved! No one is free, till all are free!

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On day 67 of his hunger strike, a Greek court has once again rejected Giannis Michailidis' appeal for release from his indefinite limbo of preventative detention. If Michailidis' dies, you can be sure that his death will not go unanswered. Anarchists in Greece are calling for international comrades to target Greek embassies and Greek capital. Solidarity is urgently needed.

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You got a spreadsheet of 100 conference talk names and presenters and need to generate a banner graphic for each. What to do? Use Inkscape!

:) Here is a tutorial on how to automate this and generate them in seconds: peertube.linuxrocks.online/w/s Example files link in vid details!

A good video from AJ+ about how the media are covering the cops, how they don't fact check cops enough and how the cops have enough staff and power to shape the narrative directly in the news room of the majority of the media outlets !


Some friends from union thugs are playing at the TraXides on sept, 11th.

Check this out if you're around !

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D’abord, il y a eu ces athées qui se sont alliés avec l’extrême-droite pour crier leur haine des musulmans. Ensuite, il y a eu les hippies et des écologistes qui se sont alliés à l’extrême-droite pour se vautrer dans les conspirations et l’éco-fascisme.

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#OtD 24 Jul 1777 a crowd of working class women in Boston, Massachusetts, confronted a merchant, seized the keys to his warehouse, and confiscated coffee he had refused to sell. More info in this history of food riots during the American Revolution: libcom.org/history/food-rioter

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@subMedia crew have launched their fund raising campaign to be able to create great content for the years to come!

It's not an easy time for anybody, but if you have the chance to be able to donate I encourage you to do so. It'd be awesome to see a 20 years old anarchist project that has inspire and radicalize so many people be able to continue and renew itself.


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We know times are hard, but if you’re in a position to be able to donate, we could really use the help. We would absolutely love for you to sign up to be a monthly sustainer by going to sub.media/donate/ and clicking the “Become a Monthly Sustainer” button.

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Climate crisis: Fire in London 

CAN WE NOW WAKE UP PEOPLE?! There is a #ClimateEmergency NOW, and it could be avoided if you were not all busy defending your luxurious life and your #capitalism addiction! 🔥 #LONDON IS fucking BURNING! 🔥 #ClimateActionNOW! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! #xp
RT @Channel4News
London's burning.

The London Fire Brigade declares a major incident as it battles 10 blazes across the capital.

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I've sent a bunch of active/maintained instance admins a survey about an hour ago..

Because the original introduction email was directed only at educated Mastodon administrators, It's no surprise to see that group of people are the being concerned about phishing. Seeing what you'd hope to see after years of training ourselves.

The best part is I've got a ton of detailed responses already. Great to see people taking it seriously, and I'm glad to see everybody who has chosen to respond has filled in every question.

As I've sent it to a random subset of admins, so if you WANT to participate DM me.


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