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This Week In Fascism just got kicked off Patreon due to mass reporting by Proud Boys.

They have moved over to LibrePay, which also hosts Riseup's fundraising. If you have a couple extra dollars pass them on to a very worthwhile project run by some awesome people.


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debian-edu-doc - call for translations and translation updates of the Debian Edu bullseye manual lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2

"In many US and Canadain cities you really only have two choices for living: an apartment/condo, or a single family home. The housing options in-between these two extremes - called "Missing Middle Housing" - has been legislated almost out of existence in the US and Canada."


"Seven inmates of the Laval migrant prison are continuing the hunger strike they began on March 1, 2021. The strikers have launched a declaration to announce their strike, denounce their situation and demand their release."


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Donald Trump’s Gab account uses an email address belonging to the extremist platform’s CEO theintercept.com/2021/03/03/ga

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Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

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We're proud to announce the upcoming release of Funkwhale 1.1 around March 15.

For the first time in Funkwhale's history, this release was supervised and published entirely by Georg, a new maintainer of the project, instead of our usual @agateblue ;)

Georg has published the first release candidate today, and we encourage admins to give it a try and share their feedback so we can spot and correct bugs and regressions.

You can learn more about this release at blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announc, and governance.funkwhale.audio/d/a will give you all the instructions to update and share your feedback.

Many, many thanks who to all the people who contributed to this release and to the project as a whole ❤️

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Please don't tell the intellectual property cops we did this.

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Why should you care about data privacy, even if you think you have "nothing to hide"?

Because our data is being used to push increasingly polarized content and capitalize on divisiveness.

Disrupt surveillance capitalism. Take back your privacy. Use Tor.


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with every passing day i am more furious with my mother for preventing me from taking computer courses in hs because 'computers are for boys' - and enrolling me in a cooking class instead so i could make better lunches for my brothers

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On #Peertube it is possible to livestream via OBS Studio / #Jitsi Meet.


> If you want to broadcast a webinar or a conference very easily, you can also use Jitsi Meet for recording the event, and rely on PeerTube for streaming it live. It is very useful if you have an expected audience too big for Jitsi to handle, but actually only a few people talking.

You can start a webinar with a pure FOSS solution 🎉

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Colonial Violence 

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the RCMP raid of Unis'tot'en. In this video, featuring never before seen footage and some new interviews, Wet'suwet'en land defenders look back on the invasion of their territories and the movement it inspired.


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