"US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has long been a magnet for controversy over its cruel treatment of migrants. But there’s another, potentially more alarming reason to worry about it: ICE has slowly transformed into a vast domestic spying agency that could easily be turned on the American people, whether citizens, documented, or undocumented."


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Support The Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan!


Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Kurdish.

"We are The Tyre Extinguishers.

We are people from all walks of life with one aim: To make it impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the world’s urban areas. We are defending ourselves against climate change, air pollution and unsafe drivers.

We do this with a simple tactic: Deflating the tyres of these massive, unnecessary vehicles, causing inconvenience for their owners."


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New episode just dropped! We speak with 3 anarchists behind Escaping Tomorrow's Cages, a six-part essay about the coming wave of prison expansion in Ontario and a proposal for how these projects might be opposed.


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If you wanted to check out escapingtomorrowscages.org/ but reading long form stuff isn't easy for you, @fromembers just released a podcast episode interview with some of the anarchists behind the project! :anarchopunk:


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Inkscape 1.2 seemingly fixed the type issues I ran into a month ago.

Projects like this are amazing. It seriously makes me want to become a contributor.

#foss #linux

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Police in made brutal arrests this weekend as hundreds - including pre-school students - marched against . Today as police attempted to evict tree-sitters while promoting tired claims of "outside agitators," one local resident fires back. itsgoingdown.org/on-many-front

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We've prepared a zine version of "The City in the Forest," our overview of the fight to defend the forest in Atlanta against a proposed police compound.


Please print and distribute these to help drive conversations about how to defend ecology everywhere!

Buffalo shooting 

A good analysis of the buffalo shooting and how the "great replacement" theory is spreading across the world and in the united states.


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Correction: During the production of this episode we were working with the most up to date information at the time when we had said nobody had died at the May Day protests in Chile. Unfortunately we have since learned that Francisca Sandoval, a journalist age 29 died several days later in the hospital. Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones. We're sincerely sorry for any confusion or grief this error may have caused.


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« D’après les éléments fournis par ses collègues et confrères présents sur place au moment des faits et le récit de témoins oculaires, Shirine Abou Akleh a perdu la vie après avoir été sciemment visée au visage par un sniper israélien alors qu’elle se trouvait aux abords du camp de réfugiés de Jénine où elle avait été dépêchée avec son équipe. »


« Je me demande comment tu te sens après cette semaine haute en émotions. Je suis allé prendre une marche au terrain vague et je me suis aperçu que quelqu’un avait scié le poteau avec la caméra! Ça a dû pas mal affecter ton moral de voir ça. Tu avais mis tant d’efforts à installer cette caméra dans l’espoir vain de surveiller ceux qui habitent et défendent le lieu que tu veux détruire. »


"In “Montréal” this Friday May 13. We decorated an RBC Branch, in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders. We used red paint, like the colour of the blood staining this bank’s hands."


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To confront the legislative assault on trans people, we must shift from a discourse of protecting rights to a practice of fighting for gender self-determination.


In this analysis, we discuss why this assault is happening now—what it means in a global context—and how we can resist.

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