"An examination of the Epik Software data released by Anonymous has security experts concluding the claims made by the shadowy organization are true, and it will be a devastating blow. “This is the Panama Papers for hate groups,” a researcher told us after reviewing just part of the 180GB of information retrieved. “In all my years, I have never seen a breach of a domain registrar to this scale. The lack of security to protect this information is breathtaking.”"


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GSoC student Dhanuka worked on improvements to Libsecret, a library for storing and retrieving passwords, during their internship. Learn more about the project and outcomes in this final report: dnuka.github.io/gsoc21-final-r

#GSoC #OpenSource

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Intern Nishit worked on the Tracker project during #GSoC2021. Learn more about Nishit's work and experience in their final report: nishitpatel.tech/gsoc'21/2021/

#GSoC #OpenSource

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People are amazing. This guy made a bot to overwhelm that horrible tx site and when it banned his IP after 300ish entries, he made an iPhone work around that anyone can use vm.tiktok.com/ZMRAVmKbX/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/runwithskizzers/st

"Images and videos from oppressive regimes’ surveillance systems are being leaked in a new surge of suspected hacktivism that uses states’ own panopticons against them.

This escalation—including leaks involving images from inside prisons in Iran and Belarus—draws on some of the same themes as earlier hacktivist efforts, but suggests a new level of technical and strategic sophistication among groups. "


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RSS is not dead, but Google sure tries to make it so.

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Would you be an early adopter of a Kolektiva (or larger "anarchist fediverse") IRC chatroom, if such a thing existed?

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Le point de vue de l'Association des femmes révolutionnaires d’Afghanistan (RAWA) sur ce qui se passe actuellement dansleur pays.


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We made a survey to help us figure out how to best make content that everyone is interested in seeing and finds valuable. It would mean a lot if you could fill it out! Andddd u have a chance at winning some free submedia merch if ya fill it out! sub.media/survey

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Prisoners' Justice Day, August 10, 2021: a day to remember all those who have died in prison as well as a moment to highlight the conditions inmates face on a daily basis.

For more on the prison industrial complex:

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We're very excited to announce that along with our comrades at @antimidia we're currently in production for a feature-length documentary about , the cybernetic nightmare that it has unleashed upon the world... and what we can do about it.

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⏰ Time to update: Tor Browser 10.5.4 is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux. Tor Browser 10.5.4 updates Firefox to 78.13.0esr and includes important security updates to Firefox.

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Tails 4.21 is out:

some of the changes are:

- Tor Browser to 10.5.4.
- Thunderbird to 78.12

- Prevent Tails Installer from deleting a Persistent Storage when doing a manual upgrade and choosing Cancel in the confirmation dialog.

For more details, read our changelog:

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Today marks seven years since a Ferguson police officer murdered Michael Brown, sparking a revolt that set the template for uprisings from Baltimore to Minneapolis.


Thank you to all who have risked their freedom in the ongoing struggle against police. 🏴

"We’re incredibly excited to officially announce that the national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Germany (gematik) has selected Matrix as the open standard on which to base all its interoperable instant messaging standard - the TI-Messenger."


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#PeerTube V3.3.0 is out!

I am sure @Framasoft should release a blog post soon. Be patient if you want to get more informations about what is inside!

But you can have a quick peek on #Github:

Thanks for everyone involved in the enhancement of @peertube! You rock everyone!

#FOSS #OpenSource #Videos #Fediverse #FreeSoftware #P2P #Decentralization

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Anarchist News: **From Embers: Fairy Creek**

" Fairy Creek Jul 19, 2021 A discussion with an anarchist participant in the Fairy Creek blockades on so-called Vancouver Island. Further reading: Five Months of Direct Action... (No More City) The Return of the War in the Woods? (BC Blackout) Desert (The Anarchist Library) Tags: From EmberspodcastFairy CreekCanadavancouver"


#anarchism #bot

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