« En annonçant un à 18H00 sur l’ensemble du territoire, le gouvernement démontre une nouvelle fois sa préférence pour une gestion autoritaire de la crise sanitaire en cours. Plutôt que de repenser l’organisation sociale pour la rendre plus protectrice, on nous empêche de nous voir, de sortir, de prendre l’air. Pour maintenir les taux de profit d’un capitalisme mortifère, on nous impose une discipline policière au lourd passé guerrier et colonial. »


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We are making progress towards getting the service back online. Privacy is our top priority, but adding capacity is a close second right now.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/signalapp/status/1

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I am presently working on a draft for a better About page (including a "code of conduct") than the one we currently have (which is largely taken from mastodon.social) that I will present to the Kolektiva team to discuss

Currently looking for inspiration. Please send me other instances' About pages that you think I should know about!

Also looking for thoughtful stuff on, like, the potential (both good and bad) of the fediverse

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"Because we have had enough of counting the number of lives lost at the hands of the police, because the tearful sorrow of families and friends has turned to anger, because “injustice” and “impunity” rhyme with “colonial-racist-sexist system”, because there are alternatives: ABOLISH THE POLICE."


"Report back from ‘Hex the Condos’ action by San Francisco based group, Gay Shame, a long running autonomous anti-capitalist queer liberation group."


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Dear readers/followers i'm searching for migrant anarchists/antifascists bloggers/writers who moved to Germany at some point in their lives, or are children of immigrants.

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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here: riotmedicine.net/downloads

"Politicians have come together across the aisle to decry the storming of the Capitol on January 6 as “lawless,” “anti-democratic,” and “extremist,” going so far as to misrepresent the result as “anarchy.” But the problem with the invasion of the Capitol was not that it was unlawful, undemocratic, or extremist, per se, but that it was an effort to concentrate oppressive power in the hands of an autocrat—which is precisely the opposite of anarchy."


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PeerTube v3, an alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube, is now live! Read more about the new release from our friends at @framasoft, u.fsf.org/38y, and subscribe to our PeerTube channel at u.fsf.org/36m !

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Hey there! We get a ton of requests: for books to add to the audio library, to expand to platforms beyond SoundCloud, to read for us, etc. We welcome requests & feedback & are so happy people find Listen Left beneficial. If you listen to Listen Left & are a in a position to do so, we’d really appreciate support if anyone is able to subscribe, share, etc.
We need about 30 more patrons to cover the project’s operating costs -the subscriptions that enable the library & its creation & accessibility

"Dozens of videos taken inside Texas prisons over the course of the pandemic show crackling blazes outside of cells, in stairwells, and in housing areas. Prisoners set these fires, to attract the attention of officials who might address whatever problems the overextended guards aren’t tending to, including poor food, dirty clothes, or no access to showers."


"From “Build the Wall” to the Muslim Ban, Donald Trump’s administration made history as the most anti-immigrant presidency in living memory. Though incoming President Joe Biden promised throughout his election campaign that he will roll back Trump’s immigration policies, it is unlikely that he will fulfill that promise unless we compel him to."


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An update on the legal fallout from the repression of the movement, which caused such unprecedented disruption to the logistics corridors (and national identity) of the Canadian settler-colonial state.


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Very excited to check out the first episode of the Black Autonomy Podcast, hosted by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin.


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