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Hey folks who add image descriptions and captions to their content on Mastodon: What resources have helped you learn how to do it?

@junebug i was following accounts on the gram that have been doing them for a while so i think i had an idea of what to do. still think i have lots of room for improvement.

@junebug I saw your post about how there needed to be image descriptions so I looked here and on Instagram for examples and did my best to mimic them.

@junebug I think I learned from an IG post by a disability-centered account. Sadly I don’t have it handy. It was months ago and I don’t remember the account name

@junebug I asked @anarchiv because that's where I first noticed a description

@phytophage @junebug
And I've been on here for three or four years so I kind of learned it along the way :) Around 2018 it became part of the etiquette on here to add captions.

@junebug seeing how other folks did it and just copying that

@junebug Whatching how other people do it, in particular the volunteers that provide image descriptions on reddit (on subs like r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns for example)

@junebug someone in my timeline keeps telling off people who don't

@junebug Instagram folks who did image descriptions and infographics about them. Also you! Speaking of, are you comfortable with folks using the message as the one you use when asking people about image descriptions? :))

@junebug Advice and encouragement on how to caption without overthinking or writing at great length, mostly.

@junebug getting feedback from—and discussing with—people that use them has helped me a lot.

@junebug I think it would have helped me, if I hadn't learned from examples, to read what Wikipedia has on alt texts and I think while it may be a different context most applies and I know of nothing missing, at least not out of the blue:

@junebug I mainly saw folks on Instagram doing it and at first I didn't know why people were doing it but after coming here I understood it was for visually impaired folks or folks using screen readers so yep. Not going back now. This is way too important for inclusivity and for other folks!!!

@junebug I just learned from watching others do it.

@junebug i really like @PleaseCaption
Its not really a learning resource but a good reminder.
It sends you a dm if you post an image without adding a description so you can quickly delete and redraft.

@sunflower_avenue Yes, this rules! Surprised I haven’t heard about it until now.

@junebug I don't remember, but it's kind of fun. Today I turned someone's picture of pasta into a poem.

@human_dude Sometimes I look at them like a very brief creative writing exercise!

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