i am begging y’all to

- add image descriptions to any image you post

- tag @imagecaptionspls if you need assistance

- stop boosting images that don’t have a description added

- add image descriptions to inaccessible toots you stumble upon here

there’s help available if you need it, otherwise do it yourself. there’s really no excuse.

@lelloba @imagecaptionspls They’re primarily used for folks who are blind or otherwise visually disabled, but they can also be handy for folks who don’t have a great data connection and can’t load images. Ex: I was in an area without cell service this week and had to rely on shitty wifi that couldn’t load photos. I was able to keep up to date with political happenings via folks that typed out things like Twitter screenshots, etc.

@junebug @imagecaptionspls aaah I get that, it's a useful feature. I'll start using it, thanks :)

@junebug @lelloba @imagecaptionspls also handy for people who don't know what or who they're looking at. (If the identity of a person in a photo is important, please indicate that!)

@lelloba @junebug @imagecaptionspls Not everyone has well-functioning eyes. So, screenreaders can tell them what's in these images.

@junebug @imagecaptionspls same with videos without captions, on this platform and every other. every video needs captions, even just to tell what some is playing or if there is no audio.

@junebug I would really appreciate if more people followed @imagecaptionspls and worked to add image captions to those of us who are not always able to do it to are disabilities. If you want to be a good ally to disabled people this is one wonderful thing you can do. :)

@junebug @imagecaptionspls yeah, I've been *bad* about it for a while now. I'll try to do better.

@rysiek Don’t try please, just do it. Folks like me are here to help if you get stuck or have questions, and we need everyone to fully commit to making this happen, or it never will!

@junebug @rysiek

The description field is useful for a lot of things (and ironically 3 times larger than most toots can be) - I got an entire poem from the middle ages about a priest sat on the toilet into an image description.. (makes sense in context of the toot)

custom css for instance admins 

@junebug @imagecaptionspls also, for admins (or users with custom stylesheet add-on), you can add the following snippet to "Custom CSS", at the bottom of Settings > Administration > Site Settings. It'll show a red border around any images in the timeline without a description, so you and your users know what not to boost/check if it has a description in thread yet.

/* indicate images without a description */
.media-gallery__item-thumbnail img:not([alt]) {
border: 2px solid red;

@junebug @imagecaptionspls any, really?

Like if I post "I cleaned this floppy drive and changed the belt" with 4 photos from different angles and zoom factors, would I describe them as:

"Floppy drive which I cleaned and changed the belt of"

"Also floppy drive which I cleaned and changed the belt of"

"Same floppy drive which I cleaned and changed the belt of"

"Again the floppy drive which I cleaned and changed the belt of"


@mmu_man I would personally describe the floppy disk well, and then say it’s 4 images showing different angles. It’s important to be thorough, but not necessarily repetitive, if that makes sense? ex:

image description: A thin blue floppy drive with a white label on its front, lying on a wooden desk. It’s been recently cleaned. Four images show different angles of the floppy disk.

@junebug Followed! Thank you! As far as image captions go,
I usually just try to describe the image in as much detail as possible, like "A person reading a book in a library, sitting at a table. They're wearing a gray sweater, blue pants, and brown shoes. Behind them are multicolored books on shelves."

@junebug @imagecaptionspls what we really need is automated image captioning. AI is almost to that point where it's easy and free.

@Downes I know! It’s gotten really good at text, even shitty quality images that I can’t read myself. Hopefully that becomes the standard soon.

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