what regular people think got me out of homelessness: a job

what actually got me out of homelessness: a job, a free place to sleep, access to donated food everyday, the ability to cook food for myself, individual and group therapy, a financial advisor, a private savings account to put my money in that i could only access for important stuff, clothing donations, a shelter that allowed me to smoke and drink as long as it stayed outside the property, creative outlets, regular outings-


Like y’all. Mental health is such an often overlooked aspect of breaking the homeless cycle. You can’t imagine how much of a toll being homeless puts on you. I’m not sure how I lived to tell the tale. There’s way more going on than just finding and maintaining a job. Employment isn’t nearly enough.


@junebug i do not know you from beans but you went through it and got enough community support and mutual aid in whatever form to get through, and i love this.

fuck a job. gimme a friend with a friend, who can do a thing to help out. gimme the folk who do not judge because it's all us. give me that, and i will be able to find a job.

“you don't make what you got with the best.
it's the other way around.”
—yoni wolf

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