@julieofthespirits I gotta ask, why point at Facebook? The government compelled them. Proton was in a similar boat not that long ago.

@Yung_Lyun @julieofthespirits Yes absolutely, save an appropriate amount of rage at the pro-rape party that runs NE.

Meantime, remember that FB did not have to comply. They have infinite monetary resources to tie this up in court for years.

But they caved IMMEDIATELY, didn't even think about it. "Give us private messages between a minor and her guardian." "Okee dokee, here you go!"

Much smaller websites with a pittance of FB's resources put up a meaningful fight. They chose evil.

@vincentj @julieofthespirits I don’t blame Facebook for complying; the government isn’t something you can avoid for long. I believe the victims (the two women) knew the state would fall on them for seeking medical assistance, so they found shelter in Facebook. Most people aren’t aware of the many privacy violations FB uses in their TOS. Hopefully other users learn FB isn’t a place to communicate any information.

@julieofthespirits Regardless of whether you agree with abortions or not, the fact that law enforcement can subpoena companies like #Meta for "private" chat messages for anything is deeply troubling. This is why we as privacy advocates recommend using apps like #Signal to ensure that your communications are truly private and secure. What happens when something you say now will criminalize you 20 years from now? This is why #privacy is so important to everyone.

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