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Amenazas de muerte contra observadores nacionales e internacionales y obstaculización del trabajo de defensa de DDHH del Frayba
(29.06.) #ddhh #mexico #chiapas #zapatista #ezln

Social Anarchism vs Lifestyle Anarchism: I got into anarchism in the period between Bookchin's death and the Rojava Revolution, when he didn't have the greatest reputation. I often had to defend liking him..."his writings on urbanism are actually pretty good, guys!" This was his most infamous pamphlet, seen as dramatic and pompous. It's short and all true, though. LMAO

Ohhhh apparently they're getting laid off and that's the backstory, just going out with a middle finger


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This radio station has been playing Killing in the Name on an endless loop and every once in a while someone calls in and they're like can you play Killing in the Name

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Meta Industries are starting to target Pro-Abortion groups. And listing them as terrorists organizations, in the same tier they list ISIS.

It's time to start using anti-AI technology, wich predicted this.

Después de varios días, mi opinión sobre la marcha es:

1) La culpa principal la tienen los comités que querían volver la marcha un mitin de Sheinbaum
2) Ivan Tagle probablemente sí fue motivado por la mala organización provocada por el punto anterior y no misoginia, pero lo que hizo no mejoró sino empeoró la situación
3) Ivan ya pidió disculpas pero muchos activistas quieren fingir que no porque tienen pleito casado con Yaaj
4) Laurel Miranda es una idiota

"Look guys, I know it's mostly been a totalitarian nightmare, but please just consider this one postwar Italian theorist/heresy from medieval Bohemia, it's different, I swear..."

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Reading Galia Ackerman's book on Femen, and while it's not a group I particularly sympathize with for a lot of reasons, the part where they talk about what it was like to try to reclaim Marxism in post-Soviet Ukraine is like lmao, that is exactly what it feels like to be Christian at this particular historical juncture. "OK, I know you've had some bad experiences, and I totally get it, I really do, but hear me out..."

This post inspired by the revelation that White House staff played Cats for Trump whenever they needed him to calm down

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Going to write a contemporary history of US politics as being a rivalry between rival Broadway fandoms: the old school real estate moguls who got rich off the gentrification of Times Square and listen to Webber (MAGA) and the nouveau riche Lin-Manuel Miranda fans (Pelosi & Co.)

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Fedbook banned any mention of janes revenge, huh. What could be a clearer indication that the janes are doing something right than that?

Siobhan y yo, viendo los datos del INEGI sobre la población LGBT y cuando la gente sale del clóset y cuando nosotras sabíamos

La suegra: "A mi me gustaba el de la pandilla"

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gofundme for abortion rights protestor who was stalked and attacked after a pro-abortion rally (please donate, boost, and share); Huntington Beach, CA 

TW -- link has photos of injury, blood

"Whoever these people are they’re coming for us... The stabber specifically named dropped me along with other comrades including but not limited to femmes and trans allies."

Abortion rights protesters in Los Angeles are being targeted with attempted murder.

(twitter thread with context: )

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