Imagine if instead of making kids use Microsoft Word someone taught them how to use Emacs. I cant imagine what a high schoolers config.el would even look like.

@joemama every line is bullshit they don't understand copypasted from the internet. oh - oh you mean if they were actually taught how to use it well??

@DangerDyke tbh Ive never edited my .bashrc. I mean technically I have because I use OhMyZsh but never manually.

@DangerDyke I dont even have any aliases set lol I really dont known why.

@joemama I have mostly the same .emacs as I did from the middle of high school.

@joemama @gamayun

Aside from the fact that forcing kids to use Microsoft Word surely must qualify as some variety of child abuse.

@joemama i barely even know what an emacs is, i'm happy to pay $25 a month to just buy the jetbrains suite

@maemiddlename $25 a month??? For software?? And they wont even tell you how they made it??

@joemama it's mostly designed for the corporate space, it has a lot of collaboration features and extremely easy integration with multiple version control systems

@joemama also i've tried many and intellij idea is hands down the absolute best java IDE in the world, period

@anna328p @joemama id have to imagine the others aren't that different, like maybe just different language support, some extra features for collaboration, and probably extended features for buzzwords like CI/CD ans DevOps

@joemama I'm introducing my daughter to computers using #EXWM . She's learning to type these days.


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