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I'm tired of Poland (if not for my wife, I would, at the very least, had plan to leave well underway).

Recently they have, all but forbid, legal abortion. Technically the Constitutional made a ruling that allowing abortion due to heavy and irreversible fetus damage (which applies to fetuses that will die couple of h after birth) is unconstitutional.

This ruling was met with very violent and very big protests.

People were interrupting masses at churches (which did not happen before). #poland

do NOT tell my girlfriend or any of my partners for that matter to "fuck off and die"

MBMBAM: Malware Bytes Malware Bytes Anti-Malware

all the riaa knows how to do is lawsuit, rent-seek, eat hot chip and lie is a pixelfed server by and for anarchists.
check it out!

growing fractal fingers to count all the different types of guy

currently in the process of watching a real movie that actually exists

for some reason I find it incredibly humorous to say "a" when "an" should be used

inventing an actually gender neutral variant of "dude", now you can call everyone "duxe"

"If it weren't for trump, things would be fine" is literally violently ignorant

I am a connoisseur of all that's wrong with humanity

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