@myconidiosyncrasy oh, all the time. "i wonder what librarian grace is up to" "what about the grace that learned woodworking" "full-time author". i hope they're doin' okay

update on Sunny’s reparations 

12 people invested in a Black Trans Enby community leader and 632$ raised

White and non black poc keep up the reparations

Venmo them at @salmations too

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boost this gfm for my friend Sunny, a Black Trans Autistic/Disabled community leader-car $ to quit transphobic job 

They are also aiming to get a car to use so they can quit their transphobic job and start a driving job. If you have an extra car please contact me.

If you want to give to the car fund, Venmo me @TaiCK or and include a Car emoji. I will be open to collecting reparations on behalf of them and will update this thread with investments

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mh, - 

i wish i could just like do things without agonizing over them forever first

tech question 

anyone have a favorite adblocking free and public dns server?

we've never seen garbage levels like this

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

cw: csa 

i started reading the mists of avalon recently and i decided to look up marion zimmer bradley on wikipedia just now and found out she sexually abused her own kids. her husband also sexually abused other kids, with her knowledge. fuck. guess i’m not finishing that book.

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