If you ask me, it's simply not worth it trying to do a satire on the internet, as any conceivable outlandish opinion someone might have in a satire is one that someone definitely has IRL.

remember when they put a school teacher on the space shuttle and had her whole class of kids watching while the shuttle blew up

this ties into the broader ur-fascist concern with returning to a(n imaginary) 'golden age', and originates from the combination of an outdated theory of evolution, where it was supposed that as species evolve, their traits become more and more exaggerated until finally becoming unviable (so an animal with horns would evolve bigger and bigger horns until it went extinct, due to having too large horns)—

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one of the core characteristics of fascism is an organistic, darwinist view of history, where nations and races (taken uncritically as actually existing entities and not ideological constructs) are necessarily in competition, and need to dominate each other to maintain themselves. 'degeneracy' is when a nation or race fails to maintain its 'vitality' or 'purity'; this could be race mixing or cultural infiltration (as in the nazis' opposition to 'degenerate art')

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when i say 'nazi word' i mean it completely literally. 'degeneracy' is a nazi concept. you might as well be using triple parentheses

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always surprised to discover people unaware that 'degenerate' is a nazi word

the budding field of anarcho-finance, where instead of profit you're just seeing how many hedge funds you can kill

Who ever came up what the AT-AT scene in Empire definitely had a dog nearly trip them countless times with a leash

as someone who is a person who has jacked off to over 300 different erotic visual novels, here is my view on why 'colonialism' is a fake idea [1/88]

Blaming overpopulation for problems such as global warming or famine ignores systemic or current underlying issues. We have enough food for everybody. We have enough space for everybody.

The richest 10% of the population are responsible for 50% of global emissions. The cause? Gross overconsumption at the expense of 3.5 billion people who only produce 10% of global emissions.

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stock theoretically derives its value from the capital it nominally represents and the future income from said capital, but in practice, you rarely trade stock to hold it, you trade it to re-trade. the 'market valuation' of stock is how much it trades for. so it gains its value from being bought and sold, and its bought and sold because it has value it gains from being bought and sold

this means, aside from the fringe benefit of giving you a slice of the profits of some company, the value of stock is completely fictional; it comes from nothing. even without going into shortselling, leverage, and so forth, the stock market — the entire finance sector — runs on nothing

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Make Hedge Fund Managers Jumping from Windows Top News Again

Since I perpetually feel spite towards the whole 'evil races' thing in DnD as well as too many fantasy settings writing off wetlands as bad and sinister, my newest character is a drow raised in a peaceful, loving goblin and orc community in a swamp. They all love their elf son very much.

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