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"Direct action, without laws or representatives, isn’t just a more effective way to win immediate victories like removing monuments commemorating racist history—it can be the foundation for a free world beyond white supremacy, capitalism, and the state."

Far-Right Trump supporters shoot projectiles at #Portland residents before being escorted by police to parking garage.

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@suzettesmith reminds me that Jail Support is over in the direction the chuds headed. We sprint over

Confrontation on 2nd and Madison. Paintballs and mace deployed, something thrown from above


whoops a daisy.
getting murdered by a pinkerton in 2020 is such a major L. Damn racists you're a massive joke LOL

#ProudBoy states he's awaiting orders from Trump 

In this crazy ass interview member and follower advices people to stick up on ammo and that there will be riots if doesn't win

Tiegen is also part of the group, United American Defense Force, whose website proclaims: "Radical groups have gained control in the US. Police around the country are being defunded and disbanded. The enemies are promising to come to your neighborhood."


The time is now. New video appeal for the release of political prisoner Abdullah Öcalan.
Please share widely.

**“Fake Covid-19 Pandemic:” Refuting the Conspiracy Theory Gone Global**

"The idea of a ‘fake pandemic to create economic chaos’ is not just an ‘extreme Right’ cry of militant anti-staters, libertarians, Trump rallies and malcontents. It is proclaimed from the Left by a world-renowned critical economist and the usually ahead-of the curve website of…"

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Right wing libertarians catching a hot one from a rent-a-cop is the kind of infighting I like to see.

You really can see after these shootings how desperate the far right is for one of their own to die. It's pretty sickening how much they want martyrs.

**Black Lives Should Always Matter: Delinking Social Justice from Seasonal US Politics**

"After viewing the first US Presidential debate on September 29, one is left with no doubt about the degenerating political discourse among America’s ruling elites. Following the debate between US President, Donald Trump, and Democratic Preside…"

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**Deadly flooding displaces thousands across Mekong region**

"Rainfall leaves two dead in Cambodia, five in Vietnam as incoming tropical depression expected to worsen situation."

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**Fascism, Trumpism and the Left**

"Ever since the 1964 election, liberals and many radicals have referred to the Republican presidential candidate as a fascist threat. When Goldwater accepted the Republican nomination, Democratic California Gov. Pat Brown said, “The stench of fascism is in the air.” Those worries continued through the Nixon years, abated somewhat under Bush ’41, then…"

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And in Bakersfield, California we have violence against a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters. Specifically, the kind where a man tries to feel powerful by intimidating and assaulting femme-presenting people and wrecks their things. (CW)


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