peer review, student journal, advice wanted 

I am reviewing a couple of papers for a student's journal at my old uni. One of them has a bunch of problems that could suggest rejection. However, I would rather just recommend a major revision. I don't like the idea of discouraging students, but I also don't want to be too lenient. What do you do in these cases?


peer review, student journal, advice wanted 

@okf you could suggest further polishing and set up criteria

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peer review, student journal, advice wanted 

@insaneinthemembrane Thanks! This is more or less what I have settled with. I already indicate 'must revise's and 'could revise's, but I worry that my suggested revisions will clash with the author's goals in the paper (the final section, which I think contains what their main objective is, is the most problematic, so I tend to think that the best course of action would be to rewrite or drop all of that, and focus on earlier sections).

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