Hope everyone is having an excellent evening. ✨

Teaching autistic kids
Rust is sooo fun ❤️

If I could find a job where I'm paid to do this, I'd be set. 😂

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please boost: an ask for resources on anti-racist, anti-incarceration emergency crisis training/planning for suicidal thoughts in community members (others and self) 

An ask: Resources on anti-racist, anti-police and anti-institutionalization:

- emergency crisis training in responding to suicidal thoughts in others and self

Black centered and tgnc centered resources prioritized

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i mentioned it in a reply, but folks, please be loud about how we don't actually have marriage equality.

if you're disabled and you get married, it is assumed that your partner can take over half of your expenses and care - and your benefits get cut. it doesn't matter if your partner is also disabled.

similarly, there are people who are disabled and have had to divorce in order to continue to receive access to necessary healthcare.

and they have to truly split up. because not being married on paper but continuing to present as if you are married can be considered fraudulent here.

it isn't marriage equality when people are out here having to make these choices. and it isn't marriage equality when disabled people are systematically discouraged from marrying - because, yeah, that's got roots in eugenics.

ozy.com/the-new-and-the-next/f is an article about some of this.

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Black femme problems....long story 

I live in a weird space for a black femme. I went all in to tech and business during my 20’s and early 30’s. I am very skilled at: understanding how to emulate a white nan and please him. I have learned what he likes and doesn’t. I observe his fantasies and pretend I too share those fantasies. I observe his jokes and I pretend to like those jokes too. I wear a mask every day that looks so much like him I struggle to find my own skin behind that mask.

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Black history is also queer history, it is neurodivergent and disabled history. It is world history, it is art history, it is music history, it is science history. Imagine where we'd be if people acted like it.

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gab maybe a positive message idk 

@ace the reason why isolation is an effective tactic is because fascism always spreads by debating it. If you lower your bar to engage with fascist viewpoints to "deradicalize" them, the conversation isn't "how can I help the marginalized people in my life" it's "do marginalized people deserve to exist", which is a very different conversation. and upon that, it's not a 1v1 debate either. fascism is a spectator sport that thrives on putting down its opponents.

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White ppl aren't the arbiters of what is and isn't antiblack, nor are NB-PoC, try as they may to make that choice

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Ignoring racism is what whites do best, pretending that antiblackness isn't a social currency for non black poc is also what ppl do best

pretending that it isn't a thing will not save you

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boost this gfm for my friend Sunny, a Black Trans Autistic/Disabled community leader’s dad—who is 60 years old 

This is the gfm of my awesome friend Sunny who is a community organizer, disability advocate, and great friend. For their 60 yr old dad.

White and non-black poc give reparations


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abuse, sexual harassment, Verso Books 


"I would not air private conversations publicly if it did not in my opinion speak to Verso’s attitude towards the incident, towards me, and towards their supposed feminist worker solidarity... It is outrageous that they would blame me for the long meetings I supposedly caused by having the audacity to be angry."

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BLACK PEOPLE (nonblack okay to boost): Let Us Be is our flagship initiative that provides a one-time $500 gift to 3 - 5 Black Liberationist change-makers each month. We begin accepting applications on the third Monday of every month, and decisions are made the following week.

Apply & get more info here! --> blackgivingfund.org/let-us-be

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Misogyny is a grifter:

"But these strained justifications do crop up in real-life relationships, too. “Anti-capitalism” and “anti-materialism” are godsend concepts for people who don’t want to buy their partners gifts or contribute financially to the relationship; “relationship anarchy” works similarly well for cheaters and ghosters; and anyone who doesn’t want to help with the housework or meet their partner’s loved ones can appeal to vague notions like “non-conformity” and “transgression.”

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transphobia, misgendering 

you know that specific type of transphobe who deliberately & persistently uses they/them pronouns for trans folks who exclusively use either she/her or he/him pronouns? it's so harmful in *so many* ways & i hate it.

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TW | Ableism 

Saying "You don't look autistic" is not the compliment you think it is. Autistic doesn't look like any one thing because autism is a spectrum.

Educate yourself.

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It feels really perilous sometimes to engage with other members of our #queer family because we’ve had such different experiences in our lives and are at so many different stages of processing them.

What feels almost academic for one person may be the most enraging or intensely triggering experience another has ever had.

It’s important to give each other grace and consideration, I think.

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You know, for all I've said #TheDispossessed shows the reality of ambition in an anarchist society while the short story Harrison Bergeron and the novel Atlas Shrugged--which both take place in an enforced-equality dystopia where those who pursue excellence are persecuted--show cartoonish distortions of leftist ideals, The Dispossessed actually does have elements of Atlas Shrugged in that the anarchist society weaponizes its egalitarian ideals to suppress creativity and ambition.

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I'm not sure why people think leftism has no room for ambition.
Ambition is not inherently a bad thing - having goals and wanting to be very good or even an expert or best at something, isn't bad.
I mean I know it's cause non-leftists think that ambition is solely related to money, but it's still always odd to me. Leftists are some of the most ambitious people I've ever met.
They want to be good at what they can do to help other people. It's just a direction of expertise really.

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new boundaries, uspol 

From now on, any time irl or on the internet I see someone express surprise (as opposed to disgust, de-gaslighting re-iteration, or corrective subtooting) about fashy cops or white supremacy, I'm going to block or remove that person/influence from my life.

We just had a months-long display of cop fascism in the past year. The last half decade has been openly racist as fuck. Surprised folks are lying, putting on a show, or irretrievably racist white supremacy denialists.

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I want to co-sign the weirder.earth goodbye to Playvicious weirderearth.de/goodbyepv.html

If you see me fucking up -- especially in small ways, although also of course in big ways -- I'd be grateful if you let me know.

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