The way a has to work is honestly. Infosec indie is still an admin; she's just not playing _that_ game.

Now imagine if that hideously ugly thing controlling Faceboo*KKK had to work and fundraise honestly!

>> insert video footage of that hideously ugly thing controlling Faceboo*KKK. His pale face takes up 90 percent of the screen as he blinks, stupidly, a few times and tries, unsuccessfully, to mask his constant sneer. He moves closer to the camera so his face takes up still more of the screen, and it is clear that he is trying, but cannot successfully hide the grim reality he is in. Zack Muckerberg glances quickly and nervously over his left shoulder; in the background, more of his present situation is revealed.

>> The of his own making shudders, and he ducks again. He stammers, moving even closer to the screen and the high-def lens shows each crack on his chapped lips; he is cocking his head quickly, trying to get the camera to center on *him* instead of on the dead children nailed to road signs behind him. It's a horror scene. The dead range from toddlers to what look like young college students. The ones college age are fighting to stay alive. Some cops with the Meta logo on their hats and batons the size of baseball bats continue to violently beat heartbeat-producing bodies, and some cops keep smashing their batons on those clearly already dead. Beside the gangs of cops, stacks of dead bodies have been bulldozed into piles too large for the pathetically ragged blankets that have been placed over them.

>> The road's description has been obscured by the martyrs of road signage; the roads themselves have been obliterated into twisted rubble, and it is difficult to tell where the roads were supposed to lead -- to larger piles of acridly smoking rubble? Was that a village or a city? A factory? Hospital or campus?

>> A few active fires blaze around military machinery of some sort, and the camera blurs in and out of focus as if confused for a moment.

>> Pillars of dark smoke drift lazily into the sky behind Muckerberg's pale-skinned sneer which cannot disguise the dark bags under his eyes. He stammers again, realizing that he has to be actively speaking in order for the camera to stop focusing on the warzone behind him.

>> Choppily and quickly, like he's pitching a new development proposal to a group of investors wearing expensive Italian suits, he begins:

"Hi all, this is Zack Muckerberg. I...
well... I uh,
I need more money.

I'm uh... I am

... running out of signs and runway. I think. I think if we convert just _one more_ to a Muckerberg Memorial Hospital here, we can get some volunteer nurses. Or something. You know, to keep costs down.

My burn rate this day last week was only 190 billion dollars. In the first 90 minutes of trading. That is only... uh. It's... only, uh..."

>> Panic flashes behind Muckerberg's eyeballs as he realizes he cannot do the simple math live on screen. Exasperated, he explodes with more verbal pithery:


I can MAKE them use Faceboo*KKK once they are cops. Cops are stupid, they always believe anything I engineer. I manufacture the situations, the cops are my dogs. Easy."

>> Some garbled noise comes thru a speaker beside him, and he shakes his head, angrily.

"That is ... totally a manageable number! Parents freaked out because now we got teacher with gun? Thank me for Tennessee!"

>>> Zack Muckerberg smirks with self-superior satisfaction.

"Best addiction recipe EV - ER. My folks were pharma geniuses, we know how to destroy lives. We never ever had to work for our money!

Yup. Dead kids are our bread and butter. Parents traumatized into emotional ruts? Just throw some memes at them. Don't matter whose or how many kids we end up killing, as long as they aren't mine." He chuckles.

>> The garbled noise speaker beside him mutters incoherently, but Muckerberg's brain apparently has the secret decoder ring for the Italian luxury business suit talk. He starts nodding emphatically.

"Thanks, I knew you'd come thru. Besides you, the main shareholders of META are mostly just ... me. I can't hurt anybody but myself as the CEO Controller. Nobody's life but mine matters, I stole that Holocaust story by putting white folks like me in the starring role. Don't worry. I just gotta run the script one more time and you'll get that advertizer.

School shootings ALWAYS give an uptick in USERLAND. The school boards are easy to trick. Remember how many clicks I got on that ---"

>> He is cut off as a dangerous-looking drone descends from above him to hover beside him. Startled and taken aback, he clearly was not expecting the interruption --

<non-commercial break>

>> A sane, sober, and clear-eyed Mastodon admin overrides the sound barrier; her light Peruvian accent comes thru the speaker previously garbled by the Italian business suit:

" Do not even PRETEND to be my friend if you wake up and start working for the Muckerberg algorithms. This is not why we built the Internet."

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