PBS refusing to cover Independent candidate Mark Charles in RCT_2020 ?

That is the primary source of my disgust. But PBS became bad way before 2020.

So many things start off well-intended enough, but turn rotten quickly when dudes with too much money they have not earned ruin everything.

I figured out that Zuck used his 2.8 billion dollars to bribe business folk into letting him buy Giphy (reddit's primary photo upload site) right before the election campaigns started, which is why and how he was able to literally smother Mark Charles' AMA on Reddit.

(Remember my ecosteader post about his negative 350 karma? -- it takes lots of money to buy enough Russian server farm trolls to do that)

Mark Charles would not have let the people in Palestine get destroyed.

Remember, the thing known as Zuck cashed out** 2.8 billion dollars**

in 18 months as soon as his big NYC uncle D Drumpf got elected, and zuck set out on a road trip WEST poisoning everyone and everything INDIGENOUS he could find from coast to coast.

There is one more, 6th name on that should be on that list -- the guy wearing some pastel-colored diamonds on an off-white yellowish kind of Greco-Roman outfit that looks like it literally belongs to the Ottoman empire. Video was from RCT_2017, Google has at least one copy of the video starring Zuck / young Netanyahu clone.

The gist of the video is a parade starring a narcissist white guy in the middle of rez territory (Zuni, Pueblo, Apache, Navajo) and people are getting gassed w/Carbon Monoxide from an oversized 18 wheeler... is all just too disturbing to describe further. Traumatizing to see, actually.

Too much insanity in the world. Now admins of both servers can know why I do not hate anyone working so hard to stop him -- no matter what party they vote.


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