indie of Ecosteader has no books for sale or print, no monetization channels with any government (foreign or domestic), publisher, Amazon, Patreon, YouTube, Alphabet, GoFundme, Google, Facebook, any of FB´s Evil Meta Platforms Inc., Apple, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, Netflix, or any other name-brand technology-focused company. Nothing about any share price falling is worth wasting your voice.¨

Indie is a member of a union for her profession and has received no money or cryptocurrency, nor has she been tipped

-anywhere close to 1 penny,
-nothing approaching one 10-millionth of one Bitcoin or
-1/100th of a million of one Gitcoin
""None of the above for over a decade+

for her work on the Ecosteader code base. ""¨

(translate above paragraphs is okay).

¨Why are you telling this?¨

Many reasons noted below in no particular order of importance:

:531: ¨We do not know, but suspect there is a mistaken notion in some tech blocks, that indie of Ecosteader is promoting a book or deal for a publisher or some other job requiring an agent or manager or ¨cloud server guy" or any European of any gender(s) that will make one of many FB- or Twoetter-consenting folks a big stack of money they can distribute amongst themselves and have so much left over, bribe corrupt tow yards to harass indie by towing her plain brown pony it to a white supremacist tow yard and take her friends to government-funded detention centers?

So no.

Professional technical writers already know how to self-publish and prepare transportable files without wasting paper. All arrests waste paper.

Make careful note that she is the very WORST PERSON TO ASK FOR COLONIALIST CASH MONIES. If she asks for a discount, GIVE IT. And stop buying postage for ¨PRESORTED¨ fucking paper mail solicitations for colonialist cash! ALL RELIGIOUS ORGS SHUT DOWN NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELETED IN 1997. THIS PLANET HAS ALWAYS HAD MY PEOPLE'S WATERMARK, GET OVER YOURSELVES.

[1] secform4.com/insider-trading/1

:: mqe :: warning :: mqe "" warning::

THE BAD NEWS: "The man with the most funds in the world is the deadest piece of Meat" === STILL TRUE

"The plagiarist is the deadest piece of METAMEAT" == STILL TRUE.


7.8 billion people on Earth, most of whom are colorful and smart. Should not be at all difficult to find divested brilliance far far from the the evil white man who is married to a woman of Asian descent... Turtle Island is MOST DANGEROUS PLACE for Eurasian wanna be nester doves.

That he his focusing his obsessions so intently on woman(women) on wrong continent from where his ancestors and wifey ancestors are from not gonna to make his wife happy. The big dumb dogs always bite off more than they can chew.

We are sorry, folks the English translations will always be last priority. The simplest answer is the most true most of the time. Cannot play catch up when "she" left long ago and is now way too far far out of your league. ""


>> /mqe

: ::: Technical Writers Without Borders ::: :

¨¨Translation edit(s) may be forthcoming in a <ntv.lang> ¨¨

Superfund sites are everywhere superfunded men destroyed everything indigenous for a quick pile of useless colonialist dollars.

Note from indie authorship:

+We are and hope you chose long ago (past tense) to turn away from the game-seekers who need money attack, any form of enraged aggression on old native grandmothers as a way of way of life. The older and more public your defection from Evil plagiarist, the more we will love you.

[1] Vice News report of contamination-prone aquifiers where Billionaire-serving engineering experts cannot figure out what to do when the problems that have been affecting indigenous peoples affect their own lives.




¨Both colonialist cash companies you mentioned here[1] are very very dependent upon Lithium ... their futures depend upon users being addicted to phones and other colonialist-directed devices.¨

¨It makes sense that they are attacking the Paiute and Shoshone grandmothers with the most Lithium to lose; understandable they tryin´ destroy you, too.¨

Hey ¨Indian Country Today,¨NO SUCH THING¨ as ¨Sustainability Accelerator,¨ near a NASDAQ or colonialist$ brand.

[1] ecosteader.com/@indie/10774734

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