¨Whad´d you say whiteboy? ¨

¨Oh, Imma trigger you, alt right.

Imma trigger you so hardcore you gonna wanna be callin your mommy and makin apoloooo_gies.¨


¨We done tired,¨ said the whiteboy.

¨Surrender is your best option, whiteboy. Put down yer phone and look around:

All yer farmworlds are goin´ underwater. Yer fast food cafeworlds dun got pandemic viruses. You never learned the true cost of slaves and burned rubber highways up and down the mother for those huge plots!

Your corporate presence on Turtle Island has been ALL ILLEGAL OPERATIONS. ¨



Remembering a conference for technical writers a few years ago: #WritetheDocs. Talked to a technical writer named Karen who, unfortunately worked for Facebook at the time.

Ever since name of Karen started being associated with patriarchal-directed attacks on women bold enough to interrupt, distrust, or question default white male authority ... wondered if she kept that job or stuck around that place.

Readers of the #qmec know who to really watch out for.

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