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wasn't a success because a few Democrats looted its slogans. It erupted not because of, but in the void of 'the Left.' It showed the power of mass action against capital, how struggles could organize without bosses + the limits of non-violence in the face of the State.

OK I'm going to liveblog my listening DISTROISM NOW, the new monthly podcast from @igd @igd_news featuring a different distro each month

This one's by @Filler_PGH from Pittsburgh "Don't Fucking Move Here!" getting me into the "ungovernable halloween spirit"

and I am so psyched to hear them interview PDX Litter Bloc

riotmuffin live-toots DISTROISM NOW 

@igd @igd_news @Filler_PGH

this is reminding me that i have one (1) spooky story from this part of pittsburgh. during the 2009 G20, marching drearily across the 6th street bridge the day after all the fun stuff happened, my indymedia friend thought to spice things up a lil bit by climbing up as high as they could onto the arches to get a good aerial shot... the pigs called over the scanner to arrest them while i frantically tried to call their flip phone

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"This website is intended to be a clearinghouse of information about supporting people who are awaiting trial or currently serving prison sentences from the 2020 Uprisings." Please share far and wide!

Excited to listen to this latest @igd_news podcast w/ Lakota ‘Black Elk’ Maroon about the role of nonprofits & other issues regarding ... And also to see if any particular activists are gonna get all up in my bird app mentions for boosting this 😂

As soon as black people come over... Some straight slavery tip. There's nothing salvageable about this nation, what it is founded on, or where it is. May it end in a million unrecoverable pieces.

Heard something that made a lot of sense today.... Covid is the Liberal border wall.

Thanks for sharing our statement. There's also a great video here with @Mark__Bray and @NathanScheider
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"Any journalist writing about the OWS movement should know its actual history, separated from the machinations of those who later tried to co-opt its message for themselves. OWS was anarchism in practice, and that is its legacy."

Today In "Jeezus Christ, That's A Really Bad Look": Code Pink, Assorted Greens, @thegrayzone Peeps Turn Out For Boogaloo Boy-Run "End The Damn Wars" Event In DC via @igd_news

Tiny got smoked in Olympia...
Shit is hilarious.
The memory of Michael Reinohel lives on✊

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"We would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists."
- Cornel West

This month marks the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution. We spoke with Mark Bray in 2019 about the lessons the successes and failures of the anarchist movement then leaves us with today.

ICYMI: We launched a new column, featuring anarchist and anti-colonial news, action, and analysis across so-called Canada. Check it out!

On our latest podcast, we spoke with long-time anarchist @margaret about what an anarchist approach to prepping looks like in an age of global warming.

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