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Dear all,

As some might have noticed, we just transitioned from our former instance to

The reason is simple: Our old instance,, is closing down in a week, so we decided to join our comrades at !

Thanks for hanging on!


Politically on point and beautifully written, author is able to stitch together a revolutionary imagination borrowing from a range of influences and get to the heart of the matter in every paragraph

This comrade is dealing with some serious bullshit in connection with the uprising in portland—they have him in jail with a 2 million dollar bail!

May it go down! From everyone here at It's Going Down - Happy May Day!🖤🔥🏴

Prisoners are on hunger strike against Turkish state's injustice & isolation.
143 days

Photo of Lovelle Mixon with the words "I thought it was my taser" written over the coffins of the four cops he shot.

Riots in #Bristol, #UK, against a new law that would make parts of the Corona's regulations on gatherings and demonstrations permanent. Cop precinct under siege right now. #killthebill #CoronaRiots #antireport

subsequently building more faith in the system and creating even more distance and misunderstanding between Black and Asian communtities.

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The current wave of targeted attacks against Asian Americans could create a dynamic of solidarity between Black and Asian communities united in the fight against racism. However, the fact that nearly all of the most egregious attacks against Asians have been thoroughly investigated by law enforcement and prosecuted in the court system creates a situation where it is more likely that the american system will use its response to the attacks as a way to portray itself as a crusader against racism

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In response to the lack of attention surrounding the Antioch Police Department murder of Angelo Quinto, a Filipino American man, professor Daniel Phil Gonzales stated that their community's reluctance to act in solidarity with black struggles against racism had come back to bite them. If Asian Americans had been more involved in black struggles, he implied, they would undoubtedly receive more support when they inevitably became the targets of American racism.

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The largest nationwide Asian-American protest movement in recent memory was a movement demanding that Peter Liang- a Chinese American NYPD officer- face no consequences for the murder of Akai Gurley, an unarmed Black man. Interestingly, this was not a movement of middle class Asian-Americans but was largely comprised of working class recent Chinese immigrants.

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In addition to the massacre in Atlanta, yesterday was also the thirtieth anniversary of the murder of Latasha Harlins by Korean-America storeowner Soon Ja Du.

Asian American communities have, with some notable exceptions, been relatively quiet on issues of racial violence against other groups. Middle and upper class east asian communities have largely benefited from American racism, while low income and immigrant southeast Asian communities haven't been as fortunate.

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