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"This question matters because mad and disabled communities are overwhelming subjected to incarceration and state violence, especially among poor and houseless communities, trans and nonbinary individuals, and communities of color. To understand what’s at stake here, we might start by examining how racial capitalism currently relates to madness and disability."

inmates launch revolt in the face of spreading and horrific conditions - community rallies in support.

The New York Times released an article today which outlines some of the connections and circumstances which formed the post-election strategy of the Trump campaign, and led to the January 6th coup attempt.

This is a dense article, with a lot of information in it. I am not going to summarize it all here (please give the article a read), but will be talking about some of the takeaways and lessons we can extract from this information.

From riots in Tacoma, clashes with police in Rochester, housing occupations, defense against evictions, and continued anti-pipeline actions - there's a lot going on! Check out our roundup and analysis on the new podcast.

YPG volunteer who fought against ISIS arrested for thought-crime for posting about protesting far-Right on social media.

IGD has a new column focused on looking at the post-rebellion landscape of repression along with prison rebel birthdays, and a roundup of abolitionist news, action, and media. Not to be missed!

On the latest episode of the It's Going Down podcast, we spoke with two members of Philadelphia Housing Action about how people were able to win over 75 vacant homes from the Philadelphia Housing Authority in the midst of a nation wide uprising.

In the midst of a nation-wide uprising, people in began squatting houses and barricading encampments. In the end, people forced the Housing Authority to turn over 75 vacant homes over to a land-trust. This is that story.

Eighteen years ago today an anti-war convergence of over 5,000 people took place in the Oakland neighborhood of , Pennsylvania.

Near the end of the permitted demonstration, a large black bloc formed and marched through the city in the middle of a blizzard, smashing the glass door of a military recruitment center.

Hundreds of people flooded streets last night after police ran over people during a sideshow. People set up barricades, broke windows, marched on the jail, and wrote graffiti slogans.

When white supremacists bombed a federal building in Oklahoma in the 90s, Bill Clinton (a democrat) and the Congress sailed through the most sweeping assault on civil liberties made into law at the time. This was the anti-terror bill which transformed into the Patriot Act in 2001 after the 911 attacks. Once again white supremacists are the impetus for an anti terror law that's made to come after us .

You're seeing it here first! On our latest podcast, we spoke with @PeterGelderloos about the last month of the Trump presidency and the coming to power of the neoliberal Center and thoughts on going forward.

Well...that didn't take long. Not even a week in and the crackdown is already starting to spread beyond the right wing.

South San Francisco courthouse attacked.

Full Communique:

The building was vandalized with anti-police, anti-State, anti-colonization slogans and the windows of the front entrance were smashed in.

On January 18 30+ anti-racists attacked the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco.

Full communique at:

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