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Happy new year!

Let those moved by the spirit of this adventure join us.

Within a foreseeable future, men will cast off their useless chains. They will realize their full, individual potential according to the unpredictable, necessary order of spontaneity - in splendid anarchy.

Until then, we will not rest or falter. Hand in hand with others thirsting for a better life, no matter how long it takes, regardless of support or persecution, we will joyfully respond to a savage need for liberation!
The current fascist movement uses a lot more imagery of latin American fascism than of German fascism (helicopter memes/patches, etc). Some of them see the south American lineage as being more reconcilable with libertarian capitalism than European fascism, plus the references are more cryptic to a lot of americana.

Fediverse: feel free to share comrade links/stories about these time periods

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People tend to reference the third Reich but there's a lot of more recent examples of fascist movements in the americas we can look to for indication of what could be coming. movements that were generally guided, supported, or financed by the US.

Los Porros in mexico city in the 68 uprising and afterward, the halconazo in 71. guatemalan civil war into the 90s, salvadoran right wing suppression of leftists in the 80s, Colombian paramilitaries in the 00s, pinochet's rise to power in chile in 73..

"Dearest Comrades! Let me introduce our latest installment of on @igd_news!

Proud Boys call to “Exterminate” their enemies, MyMilitia folks get doxxed, California Highway Patrol forcibly evicts families on Thanksgiving & more.

Community care and defense also means handling information with integrity.

Do not talk to Jeremy Lee Quinn and warn others against his podcast, "Uncovered Anarcast"

The far-right troll at the center of the 9/30/2020 New York Times crackerjacketing hit piece claiming "insurrectionary anarchists" were behind all the anti-police escalations over the summer Quinn is still landing interviews with anarchists on his podcast.

Over a decade ago, we launched Panopticlick. Today, we're rereleasing it with big updates as "Cover Your Tracks." Learn more about browser fingerprinting and tracking, no matter your level of expertise, and see how well you are protected from it.

Just finished this wonderful, thoughful, piece from some accomplices (I have a cringe reaction to the word comrade) in Atlanta.

This piece delves into how the inability to address the tensions between insurgency and escalation ended up creating a situation of frontal conflict around the Wendy's occupation, which became separated from the terrain of everyday life in which the uprising is occurring.

If this weekend falls apart for the MAGA crowd, and it looks like its heading this way, the scenario will change dramatically.

We will move from a scenario built around needing to defend ourselves against MAGA attacks on our communities, to watching (and hopefully facilitating) a general collapse of the administration, as their lawsuits fail and they continue to fail to mobilize support in the streets.

This does not mean that things wil be over, but they will definitely be heading that way.

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Excellent article about the recent uprising in Mexico against the femicide crisis and the role of anarcha-feminists in the revolt

I love this so much. More please!

"Idris Robinson presents 10 thesis on the strategic potentialities of riot, insurrection, and revolution unleashed through the Rebellion."

We talked to a journalist in about rampant corruption within the police, how they were used against the uprising in 2015, the limits of police reform - and what this means for the abolitionist struggle.

The Yellow Finch Tree-Sit in the Hellbender Autonomous Zone has been one of the most inspiring struggles of recent years. They are facing an injunction now. Please show solidarity!

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